Monday, March 18, 2013

Travelling With Your Cell Phone

Roaming fees suck and purchasing US Plans from Canadian Providers is expensive.

I suggest you check out Roam Mobility, I have used this service before and it works great.

Most Canadian Providers will now unlock your current phone as long as you are at least 90 days or more into your current plan.

So check out Roam Mobility and get your phone unlocked and stop paying an absurd amount of money to your provider just to travel to the states with you phone.

Plans with Roam Mobility include unlimited voice to anywhere in the United States and Canada and unlimited text messaging and data for as low as 2 cents per mb.

Click Here To Check Out Roam Mobility

It is really simple to do. Just purchase their SIM card and put it in your unlocked phone. You can also purchase their plans and have the plan start on any date you want.

Click the above link to go to their web site for more details and to purchase their SIM card and plans.

Also when you sign up using the above link and get 1 FREE day


  1. Thanks for giving information.
    From the past three months i searched some good solutions for avoid Roaming while traveling to state .Through your post i got best option.Here you specified Just purchase their SIM card and put it in your unlocked phone.But my phone is restricted by some carrier.So i unlocked my mobile with a help of Now i got relief from Roaming

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