Thursday, August 9, 2012

WHAT? I Am 73rd In All Of Canada

The Global Poker Index is a ranking system of live poker players worldwide, based on their performance by finishing in the money in qualifying tournaments occurring over the previous 36 month period.  The index is updated weekly.

This past week Mike "Timex" McDonald a very well known professional poker player tweeted that he was once again back in the Top 10 and Number 1 in Canada.  I didn't know The Global poker Index started to keep track players in each country, so I decide I would scroll through the Top 100 in Canada to see how many of the players I knew and/or have played with in various tournaments.

To my surprise as I was scrolling through the list I saw my name at 73rd.  I actually couldn't believe it, they were listing me as the 73rd best poker player in all of Canada.  I am very happy that I made the Top 100 in Canada and it basically has to do with my great run this past WSOP.

It sure does make those long grinding days playing poker, well worth it.  Here is to making more deep runs and playing in more qualifying tournaments to maintain my name in the Top 100 in Canada.