Sunday, May 1, 2011

Juggling Life and Poker

A fellow Amateur Poker Player that is also aspiring to become pro posted in his blog entitled "Finding Time" that gave me this idea for my blog. You can find my fellow poker players blog here.

Being an amateur that would like to be one day a pro, it is very hard to juggle life and to find time to play poker. You see I have a 3 year boy, that I am responsible for and takes up most of time as I like to play with him and do stuff, whether it is just watching Thomas The Train, or playing road hockey, or taking him to the park, and taking him skating. I enjoy doing this and could never imagine not being there for my boy to do this stuff with.

With that being said, let's get into the poker. I would rather play live poker tournaments then online, as I like the social aspect of live poker that online poker just does not give you. So here is my advice to those that are having trouble fitting their passion of playing poker into their lives.

I work a full time job, so I can only get so much time off for holidays, this is why I almost always book a week off during The WSOP, and try to book another week off to do a family vacation. You can also incorporate poker tournaments in family vacations as well. I did this for last years COPC in Calgary Alberta, after I was done playing poker, we headed over to Banff for some family time.

What I usually do is I pick out the poker events I really want to play, and that of coarse what I can also afford. There is two somewhat local casinos close to me that run a good structured tournament once a month with by in from $300 to $1100 that I usually try to hit, then there is The WSOP that I hit every year to play one or two events then check out the other casinos like Venetian, Caesars, Binions, and Golden Nugget. Seneca Casino usually in Niagara Falls New York usually runs a series of tournaments through out the year as well, and then there is Fallsview Casino and Resort in Niagara Falls Ontario, that run their annual Fallsview Poker Classic in January of every year. I also run my own poker league where I get about 25 to 30 players each night I run a tournament. For more info on my league please click here

Of course I do miss some of the local casino tournaments, and Seneca's tournaments, but it really is no big deal, I understand that I can't play them all when I have a 3 year boy that I want to be with. You basically have to decide what tournaments you want to play and if you can get or want to take some time off of work to play them.

As for the rest of this year for bigger buy in tournaments, my plan is to play as many of the once a month tournaments on Wednesdays at Great Blue Heron in Port Perry Ontario, will be at The WSOP for a week in June to play a couple of events and play some tournaments at Venetian, Binions, and The Golden Nugget.

Hopefully next January I will be able to make to the Bahamas for the PCA and take my family with me, as this would be the perfect destination to mix poker and family together.

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