Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Victory Poker Leaves The US Market & The Next Victory Poker Pro Contest

Victory Poker CEO, Dan Fleyshman announced yesterday that they are closing down access for American players. ”Don’t want to mess with the US government, they’re angry at the “Big 3″ for a reason,” the Victory Poker CEO declared on Twitter.
The newly taken decision won’t affect the current success of the poker site, as two thirds of the users are of other origin than American, according to Dan Fleyshman.

Victory Poker also ran a competition late last year to become The Next Victory Poker Pro, where you had to submit a video to there site and have visitors vote on those submitted, and the top voted videos would be chosen to go to Vegas and compete to become The Next Victory Poker Pro.

Orillia Ontario's own Jeff "AceTenBomber" Burnett came through with the most votes, and has won his way to Vegas to compete to be The Next Victory Pro. This was suppose to happen at the beginning of this year, but the last I heard was that is was going to start next month in May. With this whole "Black Friday" mess in The United States, Victory Poker leaving The US who really knows if this competition will actually take place now.

Just another thing we will have to wait and see...

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