Sunday, April 3, 2011

Playground Poker Club

Since none of us made Day 2 of The Montreal Open we decided to go to Playground Poker Club for around 12:30pm to grab some lunch at The Rail Coal Fire Bistro, and to my surprise they have a small limo bus that they use as a shuttle to get to the club and back.

We arrive at the club, and this place looks amazing and will put some Vegas Poker Rooms to shame. They only have one 1-2 table running, and they tell us that if we don't mind playing 6 handed to start that they will open up another table for us. We tell them sure but we would like to grab some lunch first, which then we were informed that all food and drinks will be comped if we are at a table playing. So we got our chips and started playing, and ordered our food and drinks.

Dealers were knowledgeable and knew how to deal, suits made sure we had everything we needed, waitresses were easy on the eyes in their short red skirts and tight tops. At Playground Poker Club you can straddle, and also run it 2 or 3 times.

I didn't have a very good 7 hour session at all and basically lost what I intended to play with. Just couldn't get anything going, every time the money got in I was ahead and dominating but by the time the turn and/or river came I was dead in the water, oh well that is the way poker is sometimes. Even though I had a really bad session, I still really enjoyed myself, and must say that this is one of the best places I have ever played poker at.

Since I really didn't want to leave and go back to my hotel room so early a few of us decided to buy into Playground's $100 Deepstack Turbo Poker Tournament. event though this was a turbo with 15min levels starting with 25k in chips made it feel like it was just a regular tournament. When the tournament started sitting next to me was this real big guy that stood probably 6 foot 5. We got to talking and really hit it off, as we had similar thoughts towards the game of poker, and I found out that he does not live to far from me. It is not to often that you hit it off so well with someone you meet at a poker table, and since he lives so close to me I look forward to playing some more poker with him, as I think I can learn from him to improve my poker game.

Playground Poker Club is hosting a series of poker tournament from April 29th to May 16th, that includes a $500 heads Up Tournament, a $750 No Limit Deepstack Tournament, a $150 No Limit Shootout Tournament, and ending with a $3,000 Main Event Deepstack Tournament. I won't be able to get back to Montreal for all of these great events, but I am really hopeing to get back for a couple of them. If you want more info on this and Playground poker Club go to their webpage here.

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