Monday, April 18, 2011

New World Poker Order

With Pokerstars, Full Tilt Poker, and Absolute/Ultimate Bet all pulling out of The United States market due to the American Government seizing control of their .com websites and over 75 bank accounts around the world, who will be the big winner out of all this? That has yet to be seen, and will probably take months if not years to answer that question.

There is lots of talk that online poker and for this matter online gambling will eventually become legal in The United States, and the speculation is that is why the government made a strong case against the big 3 online poker sites, and not only nailed them with illegal online gambling, but also with money laundering and fraud charges, and shut them down this past Friday.

With all these charges, I think Party Poker may be the one that will be the big winner out of this once everything is finalized. If the speculation is right and online poker will be legal in the states, I don't see the big 3 coming back into the game, because of the fraud and laundering charges. party Poker pulled out of the States back in 2008, when they were the number 1 online poker site. Party Poker has also just recently teamed back up with The World Poker Tour, and once online poker becomes legal in the states, then watch for Party Poker and The WPT do a major push top grab as many American players as they can and become the dominate online poker site again.

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