Saturday, April 16, 2011

Black Friday - The Aftermath

As most of you are aware, the Federal Government in The Untied States dealt a big blow to Americans that play online poker by essentially shutting down the biggest 3 online poker sites which were Pokerstars, Full Tilt Poker, and Absolute/UB, that is now known in the Online Poker world as Black Friday. Statements from the sites have indicated that they are pulling out of the United States market, and that players from other countries should not be affected, and it is business as usual for those players.

Things I have notice being a Canadian. Guarantees already started to be cut in half. Players in all countries seem to be having problems connecting to request any type of withdrawal, probably because so many players are trying to access their withdrawal method at the same time.

If you are Canadian or European and think this has no affect on you, then I do believe you are very mistaken. 75 bank accounts have been seized by the FBI in all countries. To me this means that if you want to get your money out you may not be able to get it no matter where you are from since these bank accounts have been seized.

I really do feel bad for all those affected, especially those that used online poker as their main source of income to survive, I hope they got their money off these sites and are not waiting in limbo.

To my American friends there is still some online poker sites that you can still play on and get your Rake Back, like Carbon Poker, Cake Poker, Players Only Poker, and Lock Poker, just to name a few.

This might in fact speed up the process of legalizing online poker in the United States of America, but only time will tell, and let's hope that those that have money on these sites will be able to get it in due time.

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