Monday, March 28, 2011

Going To Montreal

I am leaving for Montreal tomorrow morning from Toronto Union Station, on VIA Rail, well I was suppose to anyways. As it turns out CN Rail had one of their freight trains derail on the line that goes from Toronto to Montreal on Sunday afternoon. After checking web sites for updates and finally calling VIA Rail this morning I have found out that they will be putting me on a bus instead of the train due to this accident.

I was really looking forward to taking the train as well, since I really have never been on a train for an actual trip like this and it had free WIFI on board. The plan was to grind out some online SnG's and some low limit cash for some of the trip. Since I will be on a bus now, this will not be happening. I guess I will have to download some movies so that I will have something to do for this trip that will most likely take longer to get to Montreal then on the train.

Hopefully this is not a sign of things to come for me on this trip, to play in The Montreal Open in support of The Miriam Foundation sponsored by Fulltilt Poker.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Canadians Being Taxed on Poker Winnings

Most of you think that as a Canadian when we get taxed in the United States 30% for any Poker wins over a certain amount is easily all claimed back without any problems or issues. This is not the case.

I have talked to Refund Management Services, a company that specializes in filling out all the necessary forms to get back as much of that 30% as possible. The representative I talked to at RMS said that you now have to show gambling losses to get your money back. Meaning that you have to keep all your poker tournament buy in receipts to show that you do have some loses to help get your money back. I also asked if we could use hotel, food, gas, rental car, and flight receipts to help as well, and I was told NO only gambling loses will help.

How much can you win before you get dinged 30%? I asked this exact same question and this is what I was told, "They are supposed to tax any wins over $1199.00 for Canadians. Rules seem to differ for poker and at different casinos." They are correct that the rules seem to differ from Casino to Casino. I know that Harrahs Properties, The Venetian, and Binions in Vegas do not tax us Canadians until you make a profit of more then $5000. The Borgata in Atlantic City tax us on anything you win, and Seneca in Niagara Falls New York also taxes us on anything you win. When I say anything I mean like even if you make a $200 profit in a poker tournament you being a Canadian will be taxed 30% right there on the spot. I know this from personal experience with the above noted Casinos.

It's probably not worth the time and expense to try and get that $60 they took from you on that $200 score, but you do have 3 years to claim that back, so if you do get a bigger score within that 3 years, than you may as well go for that $60 as well.

I have a couple of min cashes where I was taxed the 30%, and I have not yet filed to get that back, still waiting for that bigger score to make it worth while, but I have kept all my tournament buy in receipts so I have something to show as gambling loses. I hope this clears up some questions you may have had about us Canadians being taxed 30% on our poker tournament winnings.