Monday, February 21, 2011

Trip To Vegas

The 1st weekend in February brought me to Vegas for some poker, The Superbowl, and fun times with my buddy Greg who we were all there for to celebrate his 40th birthday.
First we decided that well we are poker players so we are going to play as many big tournaments as possible and just play it by year. First up was the Caesars Palace Winter Classic Main Event, which even though I played well I didn't make it onto Day 2 or close to the money. The next day was off to Venetian for their Deepstack Extravaganza Series, I went deep in this one but then couldn't win a race and ended up doubling up a couple of short stack and busted 38th when money was paid out at 27th. The next day we played another Venetian Deepstack Tournament, and I took a couple of bad beats early and was out before break, and just started playing table games for most of the day, until I heard from my buddies who all ended busted out of the Venetian before dinner break or shortly after.

We decided that we would go over to Caesars Palace and play their $85 Daily 10pm Tournament, which for $85 is an ok structure and we just wanted to have some fun instead of taking poker serious all the time. We all get seated at the same table since we were all late registrants, and were told out table would be the first to break and that we would all most likely be moved to different tables. Waitress comes over and we immediately start ordering drinks, and within an hour and a few drinks later our table is broken and we are all moved.

I continue drinking and drinking and slowly each of my buddies come over and check on me as they are eliminated from the tournament, and next thing I know it is like 1am and I am at the final table and drunk out of my mind. I continue my drinking ways with another Rye and Coke and another and another, and next thing I know it is 5am and I am heads up with some Italian that cannot speak english to well. I tried to offer up a chop but he couldn't really understand what I was saying, either because of his poor english or because I was slurring my words. Needless to say it was basically limp, all in, fold. When we finally saw a flop, I hit bottom pair and pushed all in and he called with a flopped 2 pair, and the game was over, and I collected $900 for my efforts. Not to bad considering I was drinking constantly since 10pm, and was drunk out of my mind.

Maybe I should play poker wasted more often, but then again that could just get me into a lot of trouble.

Now this was the first time I was in Vegas for the Superbowl and I only have one thing to say about it. INSANE

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