Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Montreal Open and Miriam Foundation

The following is the latest press release for the upcoming Montreal Poker Open in support of the Miriam Foundation.

The Montreal Open, Canada’s largest charity poker tournament, gears up for its 6th edition in support of children and adults with autism.

Miriam Foundation announced Canada’s largest televised charity poker tournament will take place Sunday March 27 to Wednesday March 30, 2011 at Le Windsor Ballroom in Montreal, and is expecting to attract as many as 1500 players from around the world.

“Now in its fifth year, it is remarkable how this charitable event has grown from a one-day tournament to a four-day event, the only one of its kind in Canada.” said Warren Greenstone, Executive Director of the Miriam Foundation. “The Montreal Open has had participants from every province in Canada and five US states, including California and Florida, as well as Europe.” This charity event attracts many poker enthusiasts, such as Mary Kolodny, 80 years old and betting out many regulars as well as the Ace Ten Bomber with his Bomb Squad, an individual from Ontario that hopes to be a professional poker player accompanied by his entourage.

World-class poker professionals from Full Tilt Poker will be on hand, including Howard ‘The Professor’ Lederer, Andy ‘The Rock’ Hoch, Gavin Smith, Marc Karam and Eric Cajelais. Thirty finalists will fly to Las Vegas to share a prize pool valued at over $250,000 US. The top 10 will each receive an entry into the World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event in Las Vegas. The action will be aired on Canada's gaming TV network and Rogers Sports Net.

Proceeds benefit the Miriam Foundation in support of rehabilitative, vocational and residential services and programs for children, adolescents, adults and seniors living with autism in Montreal. To participate as a sponsor or register to play, call the Miriam Foundation at 514.345.1300 or visit www.themontrealopen.com.

Some of you may remember that The Ace Ten Bomber and some of his BombSquad made an appearance at one of The Orangeville Poker Tours WSOP Satellites in Bolton, Ontario, when TVOntario filmed it for an upcoming biography movie about poker players that grind it our for a living.

As for The Montreal Open in support of the Miriam Foundation, I really am hoping to be able to attend this great event for a great cause. I will know more about me attending this event come the middle of March as it all depends on my work situation. If I do go my plan is to play Day 1c on Tuesday March 29, 2011, as Day 2 starts on Wednesday March 30, 2011, so I will only be in Montreal for 2 to 3 days.

The structure, info on starting chips and rebuy, add on info can be found here http://www.themontrealopen.com/tournament_info.html

If anyone is interested in playing this event, wants to do a car pool and share a hotel, just let me know and we can arrange something.

Where I Play

I have been asked several times where I play most of my poker, and my response other then The Orangeville Tour, that I run Rake Free Poker Tournaments out of my basement and WSOP Satellites is The Great Blue Heron Charity Casino. Then I am asked, Why there isn't Fallsview and Rama closer? Yes they are but the thing is, Fallsview and Rama do not know how to run a good poker tournament, with the exception of the once a year Fallsview Poker Classic that is held every January. The Great Blue Heron runs an excellent poker tournament every month with one of the best structures you are going to find in Ontario.

You see I am mainly a tournament player, but don't get me wrong I do enjoy a good cash game, but when you have a 3 year old boy at home and want to spend as much time with him as possible, it makes it really hard to go to Fallsview everyday to play poker. Poker is not my full time job, it is my hobby, my passion, and my enjoyment to do part time. Sure it would be nice to be able to play poker for a living full time, but really, would it just turn into like most jobs you do every day? Get boring after awhile, and just not enjoy it anymore? Who really knows? Maybe one of these days, I will win a big poker tournament that will give enough money where I could take a year off from my real job and see what the poker world has to offer. The thing is, the ups in poker are amazing and you don't want to come down, but the downs are sometimes to hard to deal with and you just feel like poker is not for you. It is how you deal with the downs in the poker world that will establish you as a poker player.

So once a month you will find me at The Great Blue Heron grinding it out with a couple of buddies playing in their monthly poker tournaments, and hopefully avoiding the bad beats and making some money there as I have done for the past 2 years.

Here is the schedule at The Great Blue Heron for the remainder of 2011.
Feb. 23 Limit Hold'em Freeze Out $500 + 50 5,000 chips 30min blinds
Mar. 9 NL Hold'em Freeze Out $500 + 50 5,000 chips 30min blinds
Mar. 23 NL Hold'em Shoot Out $300 + 50 3,000 chips 30min blinds
Apr. 13 Spring Classic NL Hold'em $1,000 + 100 10,000 chips 30min blinds
May 11 NL Hold'em Freeze Out $500 + 50 5,000 chips 30min blinds
June 8 NL Hold'em Deep Stack $750 + 75 15,000 chips 30min blinds
June 22 NL Hold'em Re-Buy $200+20 ($100 Re-Buy, $200 Add-on) 2,000 chips 30min blinds
July 13 Summer Classic NL Hold'em $1,000 + 100 chips 30min blinds
Aug. 3 NL Hold'em Shoot Out $300 + 30 3,000 chips 30min blinds
Aug. 10 NL Hold'em Freeze Out $300 + 30 5,000 chips 30min blinds
Aug. 17 Limit Hold'em Freeze Out $300 + 30 3,000 chips 30min blinds
Aug. 31 NL Hold'em Re-Buy $200+20 ($100 Re-Buy, $200 Add-on) 2,000 chips 30min blinds
Sept. 14 NL Hold'em Deep Stack $750 + 75 15,000 chips 30min blinds
Sept. 28 Ladies Only NL Hold'em $200 + 25 5,000 chips 30min blinds
Oct. 12 Fall Classic NL Hold'em $1,000 + 100 10,000 chips 30min blinds
Nov. 9 NL Hold'em Freeze Out $500 + 50 5,000 chips 30min blinds
Nov. 23 NL Hold'em Freeze Out $500 + 50 5,000 chips 30min blinds
Dec. 14 NL Hold'em Freeze Out $500 + 50 5,000 chips 30min blinds

Monday, February 21, 2011

Trip To Vegas

The 1st weekend in February brought me to Vegas for some poker, The Superbowl, and fun times with my buddy Greg who we were all there for to celebrate his 40th birthday.
First we decided that well we are poker players so we are going to play as many big tournaments as possible and just play it by year. First up was the Caesars Palace Winter Classic Main Event, which even though I played well I didn't make it onto Day 2 or close to the money. The next day was off to Venetian for their Deepstack Extravaganza Series, I went deep in this one but then couldn't win a race and ended up doubling up a couple of short stack and busted 38th when money was paid out at 27th. The next day we played another Venetian Deepstack Tournament, and I took a couple of bad beats early and was out before break, and just started playing table games for most of the day, until I heard from my buddies who all ended busted out of the Venetian before dinner break or shortly after.

We decided that we would go over to Caesars Palace and play their $85 Daily 10pm Tournament, which for $85 is an ok structure and we just wanted to have some fun instead of taking poker serious all the time. We all get seated at the same table since we were all late registrants, and were told out table would be the first to break and that we would all most likely be moved to different tables. Waitress comes over and we immediately start ordering drinks, and within an hour and a few drinks later our table is broken and we are all moved.

I continue drinking and drinking and slowly each of my buddies come over and check on me as they are eliminated from the tournament, and next thing I know it is like 1am and I am at the final table and drunk out of my mind. I continue my drinking ways with another Rye and Coke and another and another, and next thing I know it is 5am and I am heads up with some Italian that cannot speak english to well. I tried to offer up a chop but he couldn't really understand what I was saying, either because of his poor english or because I was slurring my words. Needless to say it was basically limp, all in, fold. When we finally saw a flop, I hit bottom pair and pushed all in and he called with a flopped 2 pair, and the game was over, and I collected $900 for my efforts. Not to bad considering I was drinking constantly since 10pm, and was drunk out of my mind.

Maybe I should play poker wasted more often, but then again that could just get me into a lot of trouble.

Now this was the first time I was in Vegas for the Superbowl and I only have one thing to say about it. INSANE