Sunday, August 21, 2011

Where Has The Time Gone?

I can't believe it is almost September already, it feels like I just got home from Vegas and playing in The World Series Of Poker Main Event. Even though I have travelled to Vegas every summer since 2007 for The WSOP, this year was my first time that I played in the $10k No Limit Hold em Main Event.

This summer was definitely an exciting one, and one that I will remember for a life time. Orangeville Poker Tour (OPT) Members had a good run in Vegas cashing several times, with Kirk "Pudge" Caldwell most notably bringing home WSOP Gold and $668k. I was lucky enough to witness this and be there for his incredible run that I will never forget.

With September right around the corner this brings us to OPT's Season 6 starting and it looks like it will be a popular one. We have opened each event up to 40 players and each of the 12 events has a waiting list, and once October rolls around OPT will be starting their 2012 WSOP Satellites. This is how Kirk "Pudge" Caldwell won his way to Vegas and went on to win Event 32. The Satellites also have been opened up to 40 players and the first 3 also have a waiting list, so it looks like this Season at OPT is going to be an exciting one.

If you want more info or to add yourself to the waiting list for any Orangeville Poker Tour event please visit

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Vegas And Winning A WSOP Bracelet

What a trip to Vegas this was, I am still in aww, shock, and just can't believe what just happened and what I witnessed. Things started off normal, arrive at airport, fly to Vegas, check in at hotel, register for our World Series Of Poker Event, that would start the next day. Some of us went to Aria to play their daily 1pm tournament, and some went to Venetian to rail a couple of buddies that started playing The Venetian Deepstack $2,100 buy in tournament.

So we all meet up at 10am before The WSOP for breakfast at The Rio buffet, when I say all, I mean about 10 or 11 of us, some Orangeville Poker Tour Satellite winners, and friends. The majority of us are playing The WSOP $1,500 Event at noon except Ted Safranko who made Day 2 of The Venetian Deepstack.

We all make our way to our assigned tables and The WSOP starts for us. We meet up on breaks to give updates on our chip stacks, and it seems we are all having kind of the same run, we are up and down in chips, and by the end of Day 1, only two of us have advanced to Day 2, Kirk "Pudge" Caldwell who is sitting around 15th in chips, and myself and sitting aroung 50th in chips. We also find out that Ted has finished 5th in The Vebetian Deepstack for a $25k pay day, which makes me happy as I had a piece of his action. (my blog post on buying action)

Kirk and myself are pretty happy that we made Day 2 with good chip stacks and we are not far from the money. Day 2 starts and players start busting all over the place. Players were busting so fast that when the dealers were told to pause after this next hand so they could start hand for hand to get into the money, it was over without even starting and we were in the money as everyone cheered and clapped.

I ended up busting in 53rd for a $10.5k pay day, but Kirk who was an Orangeville Poker Tour Satellite winner was still in and made Day 3, sitting in the middle of the pack with chips. Kirk is in the money which means whatever he cashes for minus the 30% withholding taxes, 15% of that gets paid out to those that participated in the satellite that he won.

Day 3 starts for Kirk and we are all there railing him and giving him as much support as we possibly can from the rail. Before we know player after player are eliminated and Kirk is racking his chips and moving to the final table that is live streamed online with a 5min delay at

There is a big hand early at the final table that saw 2 players eliminated when A Q defeated J J and 10 10. Kirk's biggest hand also came pretty early when he had QQ vs KK, we all on rail were screaming for a Q and right on the flop came a Q and Kirk had eliminated the player with KK. That was the first of many big hands that played out at the final table. Kirk's biggest play I think came when he held 4 5 of diamonds and checked raised the flop with bottom pair, and the turn gave him two pair. Also another big hand was when they were three handed, and he found himself against the chip leader at the time with J 9 of hearts on a 9 high flop with two hearts, chip leader pushed all in and after Kirk thought for a bit he called and saw he was good with a pair of 9's but no heart was good to him as the chip leader held K 5 of hearts for a bigger flush draw. Kirk's hand held up and he now was the dominate chip leader. When Kirk was finally heads up, it didn't last long, and Kirk used his dominate chip stack wisely, and the final hand played out when Kirk raised with 8 8 and then got re raised, and then Kirk pushed all in and his opponent called with A Q, Kirk's hand stayed ahead and he won WSOP Event 32 and a Gold Bracelet with about 3mins left in Day 3. Congrats Kirk.

Kirk "Pudge" Caldwell is a very good friend of mine, and I have been playing poker with him ever since I started Orangeville Poker Tour, and this will be a day that I will never forget in my life, since I was there to witness this and it couldn't have happened to a nicer guy. Thanks for the memories Pudge.

So what's next for us, well a few of us are heading back to Vegas to play in The World Series of Poker Main Event which is a $10k buy in, hopefully I will have another amazing story to tell when I get back from this next trip.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

What To Expect When You Go Play In The WSOP?

I have been asked numerous questions over and over again about what to expect and should know when you go to play in The World Series of Poker? I have gone to Vegas every year for The WSOP since 2007, so I do have some experience on what you should do before going and while there.

The WSOP usually releases their schedule for all 55+ Events around January/February. Once you have the schedule you have to figure out when the best time for you to go is and what events you want to play during that time.

Booking Your Flight:
It is very important that you book your flight as soon as possible. From my experience the earlier you book with an airline the cheaper the flights will cost you. I remember one year that if I included a car rental with the flights through the airline it was actually cheaper.

Booking Your Hotel:
I find the best deals come from directly booking with the hotel instead of searching for package deals. If you have a players card from certain hotels you may actually get comped a few nights. The Rio is a good place to stay if you are just going for The WSOP since that is where all the events are played. (rumours have been circulating that the WSOP may be moving to Caesars Palace for years now).
Don't get me wrong you may still find a great deal by booking a package deal that includes flight and hotel, but I would get prices first directly from the airline and hotel before looking into the package deals that may not be a deal after all.

Registering For WSOP Events:
If you plan on playing in a $1000 or $1500 event or Day 1d of the Main Event, I suggest you pre register for these, as there is a very good chance that they will sell out. Yes even Day 1d of the Main Event. This is because The WSOP will stop letting players register for this day too try and event out the 4 starting days with players.
The WSOP lets you pre register up to two weeks before the start of each event by either sending a cashiers check or a wire transfer. I find it easiest to send a cashiers check, as all you have to do is go to the bank and get the check and mail it via Expresspost (you get a tracking number and they deliver to P.O. Boxes) with your registration form that you have printed out from I have heard from many players that it is to easy for wire transfers to get messed up. one number could be off and you have to make sure you put extra money in the transfer for any bank fees that may occur that your bank does not know about. Yes there will be an additional bank fee on the WSOP end of things that you do have to pay for when doing a wire transfer. Just send a cashiers check once pre registration opens as it seems easier and I have not had any problems pre registering this way.

How Much Money Can I or Should I Bring?
How much money you should bring, really depends on what you will be doing while you are not playing in WSOP Events. Are you going to other casinos to play some other poker tournaments, or are you going to play cash games all night, or are you going to relax at the pool and drink all day? When it comes to customs you are aloud to bring $10k in cash before having to claim anything on the customs form. Don't worry if you want to bring more then $10k it is still ok, they are not going to take it from you. Being Canadian If you are going bring more then $10k in cash, make sure you find Canadian Customs first before you go to American Customs and let them know and get the proper form to fill out for the American Customs, so there shouldn't be any hassle from them. I do not see why you would need to bring that much cash with you but if you think you need more then $10k, then I would just wire transfer the money to The Rio or Casino of your choice. You should be able to get all the info you need to do this from the casino.

Is There Any Other Good Structured Poker Tournaments?
The simple answers is yes plenty. The Venetian usually runs their Deepstack Extravaganza Events, Caesars Palace runs Mega Stack Events, Binions has their Annual Poker Classic, Golden Nugget has The Grand Series, and Aria has a great structured Daily's at 1pm and 7pm. Also The Rio has Deepstack Events, Mega and Single Table Satellites running around the clock.

What About Food?
Harrahs Casinos used to have a Buffet of the World card you could purchase for $34.99 which gave you access to all their buffets in each of their casinos for 24 hours, but after browsing their web page it does not look like they offer this anymore. I don't find the buffets over priced considering it is all you can eat and they are in Vegas, you also get a $10 food voucher for each WSOP Event you enter. If you want fast food, the prices are pretty close to what we pay at home. I have ate of the steak restaurant at the Luxor, and it was high priced, but well worth it, the food was to die for and the service was amazing, they definitely catered to you.

I Have Pre Registered, Now What?
Once you arrive in Vegas and are checked into your hotel, go to The RIO, you will see signs to point you in the right direction for The WSOP. Go to Will Call and they will have everything you need for your event, including a players card if you don't already have one, your $10 food voucher, and your table and seat number for your event. After you get all this make your way to the Pavilion and Amazon Rooms and find your table for your event, then just take it all in. You will be in awe of how many poker tables are there, check out the final table area, find the closest bathrooms, and just get familiar with the area so you don't feel to lost when it comes time for your event.

I think that just about covers everything coming from a Canadian. I can assure you that going to the WSOP and playing one of their events will be one hell of an experience for you, whether or not you are playing The Main Event. If you are going, have a blast and good luck at the tables and maybe you will be one of the few that brings home a bracelet.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Phil Ivey vs Full Tilt Poker

The World Series of Poker had just started, and the excitement was in the air, but it didn't take long before headlines were made, due to "Black Friday" that happened on Friday April 15, 2011.

The $25k buy in Heads Up WSOP Event got 128 players, but to everyones surprise there was no Phil Ivey in the field. Phil is considered one of the best poker players in the world, and his fans along with his peers were wondering where he was.

As the 1st round of was being played out, it got around that Phil was boycotting The WSOP and suing Full Tilt Poker. This was posted on his facebook page, so there was speculation that this was a fake posting. Finally as the night went on was updated with the following,

"For many years, I have been proud to call myself a poker player. This great sport has taken me to places I only imagined going and I have been blessed with much success. It is therefore with deep regret that I believe I am compelled to release the following statement.

I am deeply disappointed and embarrassed that Full Tilt players have not been paid money they are owed. I am equally embarrassed that as a result many players cannot compete in tournaments and have suffered economic harm. I am not playing in the World Series of Poker as I do not believe it is fair that I compete when others cannot. I am doing everything I can to seek a solution to the problem as quickly as possible.

My name and reputation have been dragged through the mud, through the inactivity and indecision of others and on behalf of all poker players I refuse to remain silent any longer. I have electronically filed a lawsuit against Tiltware related to the unsettled player accounts. As I am sure the public can imagine, this was not an easy decision for me.

I wholeheartedly refuse to accept non-action as to repayment of players funds and I am angered that people who have supported me throughout my career have been treated so poorly.

I sincerely hope this statement will ignite those capable of resolving the problems into immediate action and would like to clarify that until a solution is reached that cements the security of all players, both US and International, I will, as I have for the last six weeks, dedicate the entirety of my time and efforts to finding a solution for those who have been wronged by the painfully slow process of repayment."

Now last night Full Tilt Poker responded with,

“Contrary to his sanctimonious public statements, Phil Ivey’s meritless lawsuit is about helping just one player – himself. In an effort to further enrich himself at the expense of others, Mr. Ivey appears to have timed his lawsuit to thwart pending deals with several parties that would put money back in players’ pockets. In fact, Mr. Ivey has been invited -- and has declined -- to take actions that could assist the company in these efforts, including paying back a large sum of money he owes the site. Tiltware doubts Mr. Ivey’s frivolous and self-serving lawsuit will ever get to court. But if it does, the company looks forward to presenting facts demonstrating that Mr. Ivey is putting his own narrow financial interests ahead of the players he professes to help.”

As this years World Series Of Poker plays out it will be interesting to see how this all plays out. I should also note that John Juanda a sponsored pro with Full Tilt Poker was verbally threatened during a break in the action of the $25k Heads Up Event, and security was called to deal with the situation.

I really do not know what to think about all this. Everyone Praised Phil Ivey for being the only pro to take a stand, but really, is Ivey suing Full Tilt Poker really going to speed up the process of the U.S. players getting their money? I tend to lean towards no and may in fact make things worse.

Take what you want out of both statements, but either way you look at it, This years WSOP is bound to be filled with rumours, excitement, and bad beats. Feel free to discuss your thoughts in the comment section of this blog post.

You may also want to check out Andrew Robl's Blog about this same topic

Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Top 50 Professional Poker Players With Twitter Influence

So last week @ZachBussey caused a stir in social media for the Toronto area when he blogged about The Top 150 Toronto Twitter Influencers that was measured by Klout. Zach actually caused such an uproar that he posted a follow up blog, Does Klout Matter.

What is Klout you ask? The Klout Score is the measurement of your overall online influence. The scores range from 1 to 100 with higher scores representing a wider and stronger sphere of influence. Klout uses over 35 variables on Facebook and Twitter to measure True Reach, Amplification Probability, and Network Score. For more on The Klout Score click here.

I have decided to put together a list of The Top 50 Professional Poker Players With Twitter Influence, with Zach's permission of course.

Klout Score does get updated daily, so some of the numbers may get changed around as days pass by, I will try to keep this as up to date as possible. I probably have missed a few that should be on the list, if you know of any, please let me know and I will update accordingly. So here they are:

Saturday, May 14, 2011

BAP, What The Hell Is BAP, You Ask?

BAP is known in the poker world as Buy A Piece. Which means you are buying a certain percentage or share in a poker players action. If that poker player happens to cash in a tournament or tournaments that you bought a percentage in then you receive that percentage back of his/her winnings.

I have bought action on a few players that I know, and it has worked out well, but sometimes it doesn't, and I have had others buy some of my action as well. I usually only sell up to about 25% of my action, but I do know players that will sell up to or even more then 50%.

What I have found most players do is sell their action in a $10,000 Main Event Tournament. They will sell 50% at 1:1.2, meaning for 1% of their action will cost you $120. So if they sold 50% that would be $6,000, then they would take that $6k and and buy into the smaller side events, where they get all their own action.

Not everyone does this but it is common place for this to happen, and is a pretty good way to be able to play a lot more events then just The Main Event.

Some players also swap percentages when they are playing in the same events. This is done evenly on a one to one basis, and is also a good way to increase your bankroll.

Every player is different with what they will sell and what they will swap, and sometime things can get confusing. If you decide to sell or swap your action, my advice is do it with someone that is trusted or you know personally, and keep it simple so their is no confusing when the time comes for you to receive or payout what you owe.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Juggling Life and Poker

A fellow Amateur Poker Player that is also aspiring to become pro posted in his blog entitled "Finding Time" that gave me this idea for my blog. You can find my fellow poker players blog here.

Being an amateur that would like to be one day a pro, it is very hard to juggle life and to find time to play poker. You see I have a 3 year boy, that I am responsible for and takes up most of time as I like to play with him and do stuff, whether it is just watching Thomas The Train, or playing road hockey, or taking him to the park, and taking him skating. I enjoy doing this and could never imagine not being there for my boy to do this stuff with.

With that being said, let's get into the poker. I would rather play live poker tournaments then online, as I like the social aspect of live poker that online poker just does not give you. So here is my advice to those that are having trouble fitting their passion of playing poker into their lives.

I work a full time job, so I can only get so much time off for holidays, this is why I almost always book a week off during The WSOP, and try to book another week off to do a family vacation. You can also incorporate poker tournaments in family vacations as well. I did this for last years COPC in Calgary Alberta, after I was done playing poker, we headed over to Banff for some family time.

What I usually do is I pick out the poker events I really want to play, and that of coarse what I can also afford. There is two somewhat local casinos close to me that run a good structured tournament once a month with by in from $300 to $1100 that I usually try to hit, then there is The WSOP that I hit every year to play one or two events then check out the other casinos like Venetian, Caesars, Binions, and Golden Nugget. Seneca Casino usually in Niagara Falls New York usually runs a series of tournaments through out the year as well, and then there is Fallsview Casino and Resort in Niagara Falls Ontario, that run their annual Fallsview Poker Classic in January of every year. I also run my own poker league where I get about 25 to 30 players each night I run a tournament. For more info on my league please click here

Of course I do miss some of the local casino tournaments, and Seneca's tournaments, but it really is no big deal, I understand that I can't play them all when I have a 3 year boy that I want to be with. You basically have to decide what tournaments you want to play and if you can get or want to take some time off of work to play them.

As for the rest of this year for bigger buy in tournaments, my plan is to play as many of the once a month tournaments on Wednesdays at Great Blue Heron in Port Perry Ontario, will be at The WSOP for a week in June to play a couple of events and play some tournaments at Venetian, Binions, and The Golden Nugget.

Hopefully next January I will be able to make to the Bahamas for the PCA and take my family with me, as this would be the perfect destination to mix poker and family together.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

U.S. Online Poker Players Will See The Money

Taken from Forbes;

"Federal prosecutors in Manhattan may have declared war against the world’s biggest online poker companies, but the two sides are working together to return funds belonging to U.S. players.

Under an agreement announced today, the government will allow PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker to use their web sites to facilitate the withdrawal of U.S. players’ funds held in accounts with the companies. The five-page domain-name use agreements with PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker will also let the poker companies continue to use their domain names to offer for-money online poker games to players outside the U.S. In return the world’s two biggest online poker companies have agreed not to facilitate for-money poker games for U.S. players and to let an independent monitor verify their compliance with the deal."

Looks like things are looking up for us players outside of America, and won't have to worry to much of the 3 biggest online sites being shut down for good, and potentially losing our money.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Victory Poker Leaves The US Market & The Next Victory Poker Pro Contest

Victory Poker CEO, Dan Fleyshman announced yesterday that they are closing down access for American players. ”Don’t want to mess with the US government, they’re angry at the “Big 3″ for a reason,” the Victory Poker CEO declared on Twitter.
The newly taken decision won’t affect the current success of the poker site, as two thirds of the users are of other origin than American, according to Dan Fleyshman.

Victory Poker also ran a competition late last year to become The Next Victory Poker Pro, where you had to submit a video to there site and have visitors vote on those submitted, and the top voted videos would be chosen to go to Vegas and compete to become The Next Victory Poker Pro.

Orillia Ontario's own Jeff "AceTenBomber" Burnett came through with the most votes, and has won his way to Vegas to compete to be The Next Victory Pro. This was suppose to happen at the beginning of this year, but the last I heard was that is was going to start next month in May. With this whole "Black Friday" mess in The United States, Victory Poker leaving The US who really knows if this competition will actually take place now.

Just another thing we will have to wait and see...

Monday, April 18, 2011

New World Poker Order

With Pokerstars, Full Tilt Poker, and Absolute/Ultimate Bet all pulling out of The United States market due to the American Government seizing control of their .com websites and over 75 bank accounts around the world, who will be the big winner out of all this? That has yet to be seen, and will probably take months if not years to answer that question.

There is lots of talk that online poker and for this matter online gambling will eventually become legal in The United States, and the speculation is that is why the government made a strong case against the big 3 online poker sites, and not only nailed them with illegal online gambling, but also with money laundering and fraud charges, and shut them down this past Friday.

With all these charges, I think Party Poker may be the one that will be the big winner out of this once everything is finalized. If the speculation is right and online poker will be legal in the states, I don't see the big 3 coming back into the game, because of the fraud and laundering charges. party Poker pulled out of the States back in 2008, when they were the number 1 online poker site. Party Poker has also just recently teamed back up with The World Poker Tour, and once online poker becomes legal in the states, then watch for Party Poker and The WPT do a major push top grab as many American players as they can and become the dominate online poker site again.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Guarantees Reduced In Online Poker Tournaments

With everything that happened on "Black Friday", "Cold Deck Friday", or whatever you may be calling it when The United States Government shut down the 3 major online poker site to U.S. Citizens on Friday April 15, 2011.

The 3 sites that were mainly affected by this, Pokerstars, Full Tilt, and Absolute/Ultimate Bet, have reduced their guaranteed tournaments by anywhere from 25% to 50%. As of right now the upcoming FTOPS on Full Tilt, SCOOPS on Pokerstars, and UBOC on Absolute/Ultimate Bet, have so far stayed the same with the original guarantees.

Those players that were hoping and counting on huge overlays, will just not happen now, with the reductions, but you still may get a good bunch of overlays in FTOPS, SCOOPS, and UBOC events

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Will Online Poker Players Ever See Their Money Again?

American online poker players were dealt a bad beat on Friday April 15, 2010, that is now being called the Black Friday of online poker, where 3 major online poker sites went dark to American Players. The sites that were affected are Pokerstars, Full Tilt Poker, Absolute Poker/Ultimate Bet. The question remain, Will they ever see their money that they have on these sites?

The following is taken from a report on

After the three biggest poker websites in the U.S. were shut down on Friday, the big question that every gambler wants answered is: "What about my money?"

Thousands of players had money on deposit with these websites — money that had been won or not yet gambled, and still technically belongs to the customers.

With the websites offline, gamblers have now lost access to those accounts. According to posters on some poker forums, a few players were able to request a withdraw of their money before the sites went completely dark, but since that usually involves the printing and mailing of a physical check, no one knows for sure if they'll ever see that cash. [read more]

Black Friday - The Aftermath

As most of you are aware, the Federal Government in The Untied States dealt a big blow to Americans that play online poker by essentially shutting down the biggest 3 online poker sites which were Pokerstars, Full Tilt Poker, and Absolute/UB, that is now known in the Online Poker world as Black Friday. Statements from the sites have indicated that they are pulling out of the United States market, and that players from other countries should not be affected, and it is business as usual for those players.

Things I have notice being a Canadian. Guarantees already started to be cut in half. Players in all countries seem to be having problems connecting to request any type of withdrawal, probably because so many players are trying to access their withdrawal method at the same time.

If you are Canadian or European and think this has no affect on you, then I do believe you are very mistaken. 75 bank accounts have been seized by the FBI in all countries. To me this means that if you want to get your money out you may not be able to get it no matter where you are from since these bank accounts have been seized.

I really do feel bad for all those affected, especially those that used online poker as their main source of income to survive, I hope they got their money off these sites and are not waiting in limbo.

To my American friends there is still some online poker sites that you can still play on and get your Rake Back, like Carbon Poker, Cake Poker, Players Only Poker, and Lock Poker, just to name a few.

This might in fact speed up the process of legalizing online poker in the United States of America, but only time will tell, and let's hope that those that have money on these sites will be able to get it in due time.

Friday, April 15, 2011

PokerStars & Full Tilt Update

When you try to log into Pokerstars this pic is what pop ups. So it looks like this is all happening to the players in the States, and us Canadians will be fine. At least us Canadians can breathe a little but easier right now on Pokerstars.

I would assume that Full Tilt is the same way, and they have issued a statement that is floating around the internet. You can check here for Full Tilts official statement.

More In Depth Look Into Daniel Tzvetkoff, The Man Who Took Down The Online Poker Industry Took Down

Courier Mail has a full story about this guy, who took down the online poker industry. As Courier Mail puts it,

IN ANOTHER era, Daniel Tzvetkoff would have been whacked - shot or garroted, buried in a shallow grave or sent to sleep with the fishes.

To read the full article from Courier Mail click here.

Poker Players Alliance Comments on Federal Action Against Online Poker Companies

Here is what The PPA has to say about the latest Federal action against the three major online poker sites.

Former Senator Alfonse D’Amato, Chairman of the Poker Players Alliance (PPA), the leading poker grassroots advocacy group with more than one million members nationwide, issued the comment below on today’s announcement on federal action taken against online poker companies.

“On behalf of the millions of poker players across the country, we are shocked at the action taken by the U.S. Department of Justice today against online poker companies and will continue to fight for Americans’ right to participate in the game they enjoy. Online poker is not a crime and should not be treated as such. We are currently gathering all of the information around today’s announcement and will offer detailed analysis when the full facts become available.”

As it seems to stand right now, American citizens are the only ones having problems registering for tournaments, cashing out, and transferring money from player to player. This being said there could be big overlays in the major Sunday Events if Americans are unable to play in them.

Meet The Guy Who Just Took Down The Online Poker Industry

Taken from Business Insider

The internet is still coming to grips with the huge online gambling bust that just took down the U.S.'s three biggest online poker sites.
But Australia's Courier-Mail already has the scoop on the one man who may have single-handedly built the online industry ... then handed it to the U.S. government on a platter.
According to this story, Daniel Tzvetkoff was a young Australian entrepreneur who set up the payment processing schemes used by the biggest poker sites to handle their (mostly illegal) more

Pokerstars, Full Tilt Poker, and Absolute Poker, Charged With Fraud, Illegal Gambling ?????

While I went to all 3 online sites web pages, and they all worked fine except the above picture is what is in place of Absolute's site. I am not sure what is all going on but here is a link to a Market Watch article titled DOJ indicts founders of top US online poker sites.

Bussiness Insider - The FBI Seizes Major Online Poker Websites In Huge Illegal Gambling Crackdown

United States Attorney Southern District of New York - Department Of Justice

This is definitely BREAKING NEWS in the online poker world. If I hear anything else on this, I will sure to update my Twitter, Facebook, and blog pages.

Full Tilt Blocks Shark Scope

This was posted on In an ongoing effort to fight data tracking sites, Full Tilt has blocked, the industry leader in sit’n go database. Data mining sites track and publish individual online poker player results and statistical information for other players to see and tied to poker nicknames.

According to Sharkscope’s blog:
“It is with great disappointment that we here at Sharkscope must report that our coverage of FullTilt is currently compromised due to an apparent change in FullTilt’s policy regarding data retrieval from their site,” a statement on the blog reads today.
“We are continuing to work on the problem and are still optimistic about restoring full coverage; but this may take some time,” Sharkscope informed, hinting that the site may intent to collect the data without the blessing of Full Tilt Poker.
SharkScope stated in an update on April 5th, “We respectfully request that all online players carefully consider the option of playing at sites other than Full Tilt and communicating to Full Tilt your opinions and rationale about why you prefer to play elsewhere.”

Sharkscope argue that other data mining sites still have access to the Full Tilt databases and that sharing information is common between high stakes regulars and lower stakes players should be able to benefit from this as well.
In March, Full Tilt blocked another data mining website,, a site that was recently acquired by Zynga Poker, after Full Tilt introduced a software update that affected the tracking ability.
Other poker sites like PokerStars are also in the process of blocking data mining sites from collecting data from their players.

I don't play a lot of online poker currently, most of my poker playing is at a Casino or Club. I have not used any software while playing online poker since I do not put in the volume to bother with any software. Lots of players swear buy 3rd party software, but I wonder if the majority of players use this type of software, will they leave Full Tilt and go elsewhere and will other online sites follow in Full Tilt's steps. Only time will tell.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Playground Poker Club

Since none of us made Day 2 of The Montreal Open we decided to go to Playground Poker Club for around 12:30pm to grab some lunch at The Rail Coal Fire Bistro, and to my surprise they have a small limo bus that they use as a shuttle to get to the club and back.

We arrive at the club, and this place looks amazing and will put some Vegas Poker Rooms to shame. They only have one 1-2 table running, and they tell us that if we don't mind playing 6 handed to start that they will open up another table for us. We tell them sure but we would like to grab some lunch first, which then we were informed that all food and drinks will be comped if we are at a table playing. So we got our chips and started playing, and ordered our food and drinks.

Dealers were knowledgeable and knew how to deal, suits made sure we had everything we needed, waitresses were easy on the eyes in their short red skirts and tight tops. At Playground Poker Club you can straddle, and also run it 2 or 3 times.

I didn't have a very good 7 hour session at all and basically lost what I intended to play with. Just couldn't get anything going, every time the money got in I was ahead and dominating but by the time the turn and/or river came I was dead in the water, oh well that is the way poker is sometimes. Even though I had a really bad session, I still really enjoyed myself, and must say that this is one of the best places I have ever played poker at.

Since I really didn't want to leave and go back to my hotel room so early a few of us decided to buy into Playground's $100 Deepstack Turbo Poker Tournament. event though this was a turbo with 15min levels starting with 25k in chips made it feel like it was just a regular tournament. When the tournament started sitting next to me was this real big guy that stood probably 6 foot 5. We got to talking and really hit it off, as we had similar thoughts towards the game of poker, and I found out that he does not live to far from me. It is not to often that you hit it off so well with someone you meet at a poker table, and since he lives so close to me I look forward to playing some more poker with him, as I think I can learn from him to improve my poker game.

Playground Poker Club is hosting a series of poker tournament from April 29th to May 16th, that includes a $500 heads Up Tournament, a $750 No Limit Deepstack Tournament, a $150 No Limit Shootout Tournament, and ending with a $3,000 Main Event Deepstack Tournament. I won't be able to get back to Montreal for all of these great events, but I am really hopeing to get back for a couple of them. If you want more info on this and Playground poker Club go to their webpage here.

The Montreal Open In Support Of The Miriam Foundation, Sponsored By Full Tilt Poker

I arrived in Montreal in plenty of time to check into my hotel, have a shower, and grab a quick nap, which was good considering I was up early that morning and didn't get any sleep on the bus/train ride there.

There was 4 of us that met up and made our way to The Windsor Hotel to register for The Montreal Open Charity Tournament. The registration process was very quick and very well done, and it was very easy for you to find your table assignment. I find my seat and wait for the cards to be dealt, but first we had to go through some speeches. First was about the cause and what The Miriam Foundation does, and the introduction of The Full Tilt Pros that were on hand for this Full Tilt sponsored event. The Full Tilt Pros that were there was, Gavin Smith, Greg Mueller, Andy Bloch, Marc Karam, and Erik Cajelais. Next we were introduced to Jeff "AceTenBomber" Burnett, a guy that has made his name with a gimmick, he has not even played in a WSOP Event. He went on about how he brought 35 members of his Bomb Squad to this event, which is great to support this great cause, but to my knowledge none of these players have done anything worth while in any major live poker events.

So the cards finally get in the air and the tournament has started, and I understand that this is a charity tournament and the charity makes most of it's money off of the rebuys and add ons, but for the first 4 levels this poker room sounded like a god damn auction house, with people on the mic trying to get players to go all in and rebuy to win a certain prize. One thing I liked was that Gavin Smith built his stack to 35k in the first two levels and they auctioned that off to the highest bidder which I think got to $1,500. The problem I had with this auction type styl going on is that I could not hear if a player announced raise and also could not hear what the dealer was saying either.

The dealers I had were good dealers, but I heard from others that they had horrible dealers. In fact I was told that one dealer accidentally exposed a card while dealing and instead making that card the first burn he cut it back into the middle of the deck. The chips that we used were very very cheap chips with the Full Tilt logo hot stamped on them.

The blinds were only 15mins long and man did they ever jump levels making this tournament go real fast and turn it into a bingofest very quickly. I undertsand doing this at the beginning stages since this is a rebuy tournament for charity, but once the rebuy and add on period is over, they could have just went to a proper structure without skipping so many levels that are in a normal poker tournament.

The level of play was what I expected for a rebuy charity tournament, and you really had to rely on a lot of for the cards to go your way, if you were going to have any chance to take a good stack to Day 2. With that being said none of the 4 of us made it to Day 2. I was the last man standing out of all of us, and the way I saw it was you wanted to go to Day 2 with at least 80k in chips. There was about 125 players left and the top 100 made it to Day 2, and we were probably on the last level before we made it to the top 100, and I had about 21k. I am in the small blind and look down at K 9 of diamonds. It is folded around to the button you puts in a raise for a steal, and I push all in, to my surprise the big blind also pushes all in, the big blind showed pocket 10's and I was eliminated from the tournament.

Don't get me wrong I had a great time at this event, it is no WSOP, but it was well organized and because of the loud auction and the annoying voice on the mic, it kind of turned me off of this event. I really do not know if I will go back next year for this or not, only time will tell.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Going To Montreal

I am leaving for Montreal tomorrow morning from Toronto Union Station, on VIA Rail, well I was suppose to anyways. As it turns out CN Rail had one of their freight trains derail on the line that goes from Toronto to Montreal on Sunday afternoon. After checking web sites for updates and finally calling VIA Rail this morning I have found out that they will be putting me on a bus instead of the train due to this accident.

I was really looking forward to taking the train as well, since I really have never been on a train for an actual trip like this and it had free WIFI on board. The plan was to grind out some online SnG's and some low limit cash for some of the trip. Since I will be on a bus now, this will not be happening. I guess I will have to download some movies so that I will have something to do for this trip that will most likely take longer to get to Montreal then on the train.

Hopefully this is not a sign of things to come for me on this trip, to play in The Montreal Open in support of The Miriam Foundation sponsored by Fulltilt Poker.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Canadians Being Taxed on Poker Winnings

Most of you think that as a Canadian when we get taxed in the United States 30% for any Poker wins over a certain amount is easily all claimed back without any problems or issues. This is not the case.

I have talked to Refund Management Services, a company that specializes in filling out all the necessary forms to get back as much of that 30% as possible. The representative I talked to at RMS said that you now have to show gambling losses to get your money back. Meaning that you have to keep all your poker tournament buy in receipts to show that you do have some loses to help get your money back. I also asked if we could use hotel, food, gas, rental car, and flight receipts to help as well, and I was told NO only gambling loses will help.

How much can you win before you get dinged 30%? I asked this exact same question and this is what I was told, "They are supposed to tax any wins over $1199.00 for Canadians. Rules seem to differ for poker and at different casinos." They are correct that the rules seem to differ from Casino to Casino. I know that Harrahs Properties, The Venetian, and Binions in Vegas do not tax us Canadians until you make a profit of more then $5000. The Borgata in Atlantic City tax us on anything you win, and Seneca in Niagara Falls New York also taxes us on anything you win. When I say anything I mean like even if you make a $200 profit in a poker tournament you being a Canadian will be taxed 30% right there on the spot. I know this from personal experience with the above noted Casinos.

It's probably not worth the time and expense to try and get that $60 they took from you on that $200 score, but you do have 3 years to claim that back, so if you do get a bigger score within that 3 years, than you may as well go for that $60 as well.

I have a couple of min cashes where I was taxed the 30%, and I have not yet filed to get that back, still waiting for that bigger score to make it worth while, but I have kept all my tournament buy in receipts so I have something to show as gambling loses. I hope this clears up some questions you may have had about us Canadians being taxed 30% on our poker tournament winnings.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Montreal Open and Miriam Foundation

The following is the latest press release for the upcoming Montreal Poker Open in support of the Miriam Foundation.

The Montreal Open, Canada’s largest charity poker tournament, gears up for its 6th edition in support of children and adults with autism.

Miriam Foundation announced Canada’s largest televised charity poker tournament will take place Sunday March 27 to Wednesday March 30, 2011 at Le Windsor Ballroom in Montreal, and is expecting to attract as many as 1500 players from around the world.

“Now in its fifth year, it is remarkable how this charitable event has grown from a one-day tournament to a four-day event, the only one of its kind in Canada.” said Warren Greenstone, Executive Director of the Miriam Foundation. “The Montreal Open has had participants from every province in Canada and five US states, including California and Florida, as well as Europe.” This charity event attracts many poker enthusiasts, such as Mary Kolodny, 80 years old and betting out many regulars as well as the Ace Ten Bomber with his Bomb Squad, an individual from Ontario that hopes to be a professional poker player accompanied by his entourage.

World-class poker professionals from Full Tilt Poker will be on hand, including Howard ‘The Professor’ Lederer, Andy ‘The Rock’ Hoch, Gavin Smith, Marc Karam and Eric Cajelais. Thirty finalists will fly to Las Vegas to share a prize pool valued at over $250,000 US. The top 10 will each receive an entry into the World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event in Las Vegas. The action will be aired on Canada's gaming TV network and Rogers Sports Net.

Proceeds benefit the Miriam Foundation in support of rehabilitative, vocational and residential services and programs for children, adolescents, adults and seniors living with autism in Montreal. To participate as a sponsor or register to play, call the Miriam Foundation at 514.345.1300 or visit

Some of you may remember that The Ace Ten Bomber and some of his BombSquad made an appearance at one of The Orangeville Poker Tours WSOP Satellites in Bolton, Ontario, when TVOntario filmed it for an upcoming biography movie about poker players that grind it our for a living.

As for The Montreal Open in support of the Miriam Foundation, I really am hoping to be able to attend this great event for a great cause. I will know more about me attending this event come the middle of March as it all depends on my work situation. If I do go my plan is to play Day 1c on Tuesday March 29, 2011, as Day 2 starts on Wednesday March 30, 2011, so I will only be in Montreal for 2 to 3 days.

The structure, info on starting chips and rebuy, add on info can be found here

If anyone is interested in playing this event, wants to do a car pool and share a hotel, just let me know and we can arrange something.

Where I Play

I have been asked several times where I play most of my poker, and my response other then The Orangeville Tour, that I run Rake Free Poker Tournaments out of my basement and WSOP Satellites is The Great Blue Heron Charity Casino. Then I am asked, Why there isn't Fallsview and Rama closer? Yes they are but the thing is, Fallsview and Rama do not know how to run a good poker tournament, with the exception of the once a year Fallsview Poker Classic that is held every January. The Great Blue Heron runs an excellent poker tournament every month with one of the best structures you are going to find in Ontario.

You see I am mainly a tournament player, but don't get me wrong I do enjoy a good cash game, but when you have a 3 year old boy at home and want to spend as much time with him as possible, it makes it really hard to go to Fallsview everyday to play poker. Poker is not my full time job, it is my hobby, my passion, and my enjoyment to do part time. Sure it would be nice to be able to play poker for a living full time, but really, would it just turn into like most jobs you do every day? Get boring after awhile, and just not enjoy it anymore? Who really knows? Maybe one of these days, I will win a big poker tournament that will give enough money where I could take a year off from my real job and see what the poker world has to offer. The thing is, the ups in poker are amazing and you don't want to come down, but the downs are sometimes to hard to deal with and you just feel like poker is not for you. It is how you deal with the downs in the poker world that will establish you as a poker player.

So once a month you will find me at The Great Blue Heron grinding it out with a couple of buddies playing in their monthly poker tournaments, and hopefully avoiding the bad beats and making some money there as I have done for the past 2 years.

Here is the schedule at The Great Blue Heron for the remainder of 2011.
Feb. 23 Limit Hold'em Freeze Out $500 + 50 5,000 chips 30min blinds
Mar. 9 NL Hold'em Freeze Out $500 + 50 5,000 chips 30min blinds
Mar. 23 NL Hold'em Shoot Out $300 + 50 3,000 chips 30min blinds
Apr. 13 Spring Classic NL Hold'em $1,000 + 100 10,000 chips 30min blinds
May 11 NL Hold'em Freeze Out $500 + 50 5,000 chips 30min blinds
June 8 NL Hold'em Deep Stack $750 + 75 15,000 chips 30min blinds
June 22 NL Hold'em Re-Buy $200+20 ($100 Re-Buy, $200 Add-on) 2,000 chips 30min blinds
July 13 Summer Classic NL Hold'em $1,000 + 100 chips 30min blinds
Aug. 3 NL Hold'em Shoot Out $300 + 30 3,000 chips 30min blinds
Aug. 10 NL Hold'em Freeze Out $300 + 30 5,000 chips 30min blinds
Aug. 17 Limit Hold'em Freeze Out $300 + 30 3,000 chips 30min blinds
Aug. 31 NL Hold'em Re-Buy $200+20 ($100 Re-Buy, $200 Add-on) 2,000 chips 30min blinds
Sept. 14 NL Hold'em Deep Stack $750 + 75 15,000 chips 30min blinds
Sept. 28 Ladies Only NL Hold'em $200 + 25 5,000 chips 30min blinds
Oct. 12 Fall Classic NL Hold'em $1,000 + 100 10,000 chips 30min blinds
Nov. 9 NL Hold'em Freeze Out $500 + 50 5,000 chips 30min blinds
Nov. 23 NL Hold'em Freeze Out $500 + 50 5,000 chips 30min blinds
Dec. 14 NL Hold'em Freeze Out $500 + 50 5,000 chips 30min blinds

Monday, February 21, 2011

Trip To Vegas

The 1st weekend in February brought me to Vegas for some poker, The Superbowl, and fun times with my buddy Greg who we were all there for to celebrate his 40th birthday.
First we decided that well we are poker players so we are going to play as many big tournaments as possible and just play it by year. First up was the Caesars Palace Winter Classic Main Event, which even though I played well I didn't make it onto Day 2 or close to the money. The next day was off to Venetian for their Deepstack Extravaganza Series, I went deep in this one but then couldn't win a race and ended up doubling up a couple of short stack and busted 38th when money was paid out at 27th. The next day we played another Venetian Deepstack Tournament, and I took a couple of bad beats early and was out before break, and just started playing table games for most of the day, until I heard from my buddies who all ended busted out of the Venetian before dinner break or shortly after.

We decided that we would go over to Caesars Palace and play their $85 Daily 10pm Tournament, which for $85 is an ok structure and we just wanted to have some fun instead of taking poker serious all the time. We all get seated at the same table since we were all late registrants, and were told out table would be the first to break and that we would all most likely be moved to different tables. Waitress comes over and we immediately start ordering drinks, and within an hour and a few drinks later our table is broken and we are all moved.

I continue drinking and drinking and slowly each of my buddies come over and check on me as they are eliminated from the tournament, and next thing I know it is like 1am and I am at the final table and drunk out of my mind. I continue my drinking ways with another Rye and Coke and another and another, and next thing I know it is 5am and I am heads up with some Italian that cannot speak english to well. I tried to offer up a chop but he couldn't really understand what I was saying, either because of his poor english or because I was slurring my words. Needless to say it was basically limp, all in, fold. When we finally saw a flop, I hit bottom pair and pushed all in and he called with a flopped 2 pair, and the game was over, and I collected $900 for my efforts. Not to bad considering I was drinking constantly since 10pm, and was drunk out of my mind.

Maybe I should play poker wasted more often, but then again that could just get me into a lot of trouble.

Now this was the first time I was in Vegas for the Superbowl and I only have one thing to say about it. INSANE

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

World Series Of Event Schedule Released

As most of you know I travel to Las Vegas every summer to play in The World Series Of Poker (WSOP). This series of poker tournaments is like The Stanley Cup Playoffs, and The $10k Buy In Main Event is like the Superbowl of the poker world. Last year The Main Event winner was a Canadian from Montreal named Jonathan Duhamel, and this marked the very first time in the history of The WSOP that a Canadian has won the Main Event.

The WSOP has now officially released this years schedule, and even though I do not have the $10k bankroll to buy in directly to the main event, I do enjoy going to play in the smaller buy in events that cost $1500 and $2500, and these events also award a bracelet to the winners just like the Main Event.

This years schedule has a lot of big buy ins like the $50k Players Championship on July 2nd, the $25k Heads Up No Limit Hold'em Championship on May 31st, and a bunch of $10k buy in events for various forms of poker, along with the Main Event that starts on July 7th.

I like to play 2 Events at The WSOP, usually a $1500 Event and a $2500 Event. Last year I had to go for a weekend at the beginning for the $1500 Event, and then go back near the end for almost a week to play the $2500 Event. Looking at this years schedule and things are looking good that I will only be making my way to Vegas once for almost a week and will be able to play the 2 Events that I want. First is the $1500 on June 18th, and then the $2500 on June 21st. Should be good times as always. Plus The Venetian, Caesars Palace, Binions, and The Golden Nugget, always run good structured tournaments during The WSOP with lower buy ins that are always fun to play.

Of coarse if I do well, or I am able to win a satellite into The $10k Main Event, i will go back July 7th and play in it, who knows maybe I could be the next Canadian to win The WSOP Main Event.

Also The Orangeville Poker Tour (OPT) runs satellite tournaments to a $1500 or $1000 WSOP Event. If you are interested in playing in any of these, check out The OPT's Schedule here.

Friday, January 14, 2011

PokerStars Online Home Games

This past week PokerStars released Online Home Games, where anyone that is a member of their site can create their own league or home game, and have control over what the stakes are, the buy ins, and length of blinds. The Home Games even award points after each tournament, and you can even set up your own cash tables.

You are invited to join my private poker club for Home Games online.

- If you don't already have it, download the free PokerStars software from

- Open the main poker lobby, then click on the Home Games tab

- Click the 'Join a Poker Club' button- Enter my Club ID number: 37021

- Enter my Invitation Code: pocketaces

That's it! Once I've approved your membership request, we'll be ready to start playing Home Games online together.If you want to find out more, visit

The first game is already scheduled.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Fallsview Poker Classic and Gavin Smith

Ok so I went to Fallsview Casino and Resort for their annual Fallsview Poker Classic. The Fallsview Poker Classic consists of 3 Main Poker Tournaments, a $1000 buy in, a $2500 buy in, and a $5000 buy in. I decided to buy in directly to the $1k and the $2.5k, since these 2 tournaments will be the biggest in Ontario all year, just like last years Fallsview Poker Classic.

I arrived Thursday morning around 10am and the $1k event started at noon that day, got my seat assignment, and hooked up with Darryl "Wetts1012" Wettlaufer, Gregory Hartwick, Ashley "actyper" Cheung, Daniel Goymour, Garry Cyre, which most of them won a satellite tournament that I ran through Orangeville Poker Tour to play in this $1k Event. We all found out that the $1k Event was sold out at 600 players, and that the super satellite tournament that Fallsview was running the night before was sold out with 270 players and 27 seats to the $1k event awarded. What we found out later was that someone bought like 50 seats to the Super Satellite and was selling them to player for $150 instead of what it actually cost of $120. This is SCALPING and ILLEGAL, what I also found out was that a $1k seat was also selling for as much as $1.5k to $1.8k, the day of the tournament, more SCALPING.

Ok so I bust out of the $1k Event fairly early and continue to rail my buddies and wait almost 4 hours to get a seat at the cash tables in the main poker room, which I found out after I finally got a seat is if I told them I just busted from the tournament I would have been at the top of the list for the next available cash table seat.

This brings me to Friday afternoon and the start of the $2.5k Super Satellite which is a $275 buy in, and was told that they will be capping this at 400 players for 40 seats and that the actual $2.5k Event will be capped at 600 players. Wow great turn out for the first two events and great prize pools. So the super satellite starts and I noticed that in fact they capped it at 280 players for 28 seats? What happened to 400 players? Answer I got was they didn't want the super satellite to run to late considering the $1k super satellite went to around 2am with 270 players.

Now onto Saturday and the start of the $2.5k Event. I played pretty good poker and was trying to trap the most aggressive player and chip leader at my table most of the day, when I flopped the nut flush, he checked the flop, and I checked right back, turn came the 5 of clubs and he bet $5k, I raised to $15k, he then raised to $30k, and I pushed all in for another $20k on top and he called showing a set of 5's and I showed my nut flush. River came pairing the board and he wins with a full house and I am out of the tournament about 8 to hours in. No biggie that is poker.

I start to rail Darryl "Wetts1012" Wettlaufer and I notice that Gavin Smith is also out of the tournament but is inside the rail watching his wife/girlfriend play in the tournament standing right behind her. Now from what I know his wife/girlfriend is a solid poker player, but why is Gavin Smith aloud to rail her by standing right behind her when everyone else's family and friends have to be behind the rail?

Wetts makes day 2 and lets me know that they just made the money but he is short stacked. I decide to make my way down to the tournament area to rails my good friend Wetts and support him in the hoped that he gets a double up or even a triple up. When I arrive I notice that Wetts is at a very tough table with WPT Winner Michael "SirWatts" Watson, and EPT Winner Mike "Timex" McDonald. I also notice that Gavin Smith's wife/girlfriend is still in the tournament and gavin is there inside the rail again watching her and checking out all the other tables as well. Michael Watson bust my buddy Wetts with pocket aces against Wetts' A Q, and once Wetts makes his way to me, he points out that Gavin has a media pass to allow him inside the rail. Now Gavin has no notepad, no laptop, no anything to report for any media outlet at all.

So Fallsview gives Gavin Smith a known Professional Poker Player a media pass so he can stand right behind and watch his wife/girlfriend play poker. Well what else do you think he is doing? Maybe getting reads and tells on her opponents, and letting her know on breaks what he has noticed? Yes Gavin is technically a part of Poker Road, and can get a media pass through them, but he had nothing in his hand to take notes, record, or anything so he could report to Poker Road. I am a member of a Canadian Poker Forum and a member of, and I am pretty sure I couldn't get a media pass, in fact, in fact Canada Poker was told that they would not be aloud to take pictures of the events.

So in closing The Fallsview Poker Classic was run excellent, the actual tournaments and super satellites that is.

The negatives, well, lets just saw the communication with all the suits with what is going on with the super satellites, and the events with regards to what are they actually capping each event at. The SCALPING of seats to the events. Come on Fallsview, the interest is there, maybe limit the amount of seats one person can buy, letting someone buy 50 seats, what the hell do you think they are going to do with them? Fallsview you know you are going to have lots of poker players there, maybe get more dealers so you can have all your tables going with cash games, and maybe even use the tournament area for cash as well. And Fallsview if Gavin Smith is aloud to have a media to stand right behind his wife/girlfriend, and I don't care if he is a Professional Poker Player or not, I want media passes for my poker playing friends and family, so they can stand behind me and let me know what my opponents tend to do with tells and reads. Also I think the payouts for each event needs to be flattened out a little bit, especially when 1st place is more then double that of second place

Just so you all know my buddy Wetts cashed in 34th spot, for a min cash of $5060 in the $2.5k Event, and like I said Fallsview runs an excellent tournament, but they have a lot of work to do with communications with their staff and looking out for their poker players especially when we are there for their events.

I am sure there are spelling mistakes in this, and my grammar may be wrong, but this has been my longest blog to date and I just want to post it asap. I hope you enjoyed my thoughts on The Fallsview Poker Classic, and YES I will buy into this event next year as well, and hopefully make the money.