Sunday, October 17, 2010

Great Blue Heron Charity Casino Fall Poker Classic

The Poker Fall Classic at Great Blue Heron Casino in Port Perry Ontario was on Wednesday October 13, 2010. This tournament was an $1100 buy in with a 10k starting stack and 30 minute blinds. This tournament is one of the best structured tournaments in Ontario, and is a main reason why I go to Port Perry every month or so to play in these events.

The day started slow for me , as I couldn't get much going in the first 4 levels as I was still around starting stack at first break. Things slowly started to turn around for me as I continued to win small pots and built my stack up slowly. By the time we had 3 tables left I had about 120k in chips. A significant hand was when I was in the big blind and looked sown at Pocket Kings, when there was a raise, then a re raise all in, before I had to act, and of coarse I pushed to try to just play heads up, which did happen. It was my Kings against my opponents Pocket 9's, and my kings held up and my stack grew to about 160k.

When the tournament finally got to the final table I had a stack of about 190k and my whole time at the final table I just couldn't build my stack above 200k. I made a sick bluff with 7 8 of diamonds on the river to get a player to fold the best hand and my Pocket 3's flopped a set against Pocket 7's, but still I could get my stack over 200k at the final table.

When we were 4 handed the player on my left had about half the chips in play, and the rest of the chips were basically split evenly amongst the other 3 of us. I busted out with A 2 off suit against K Q off suit when the K hit the river.

So I finished 4th out of 96 players for a good cash of $8200. It was a great day of poker for me and hopefully I can get a few more good cashes in before the end of the year and maybe even before The 2011 World Series Of Poker starts next summer and maybe just maybe I will be able to play The 2011 WSOP MAIN EVENT.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Switch Poker

You can now play REAL MONEY POKER on your iPhone, iPad, iPod, and many more at SWITCH POKER.

Switch Poker has been tested on the following:
iPad, iPhone, Firefox v3.6.8 or higher, Chrome v5.0 or higher, Safari v5.0 or higher, Opera v10.60 or higher, Internet Explorer v8 or higher (No sound. Compatibility mode should be turned off.)

For those that were desperately waiting for some real money poker games on any Apple Product, it is finally here. You cannot download this from the App Store instead just click HERE and use iTunes for all updates for SWITCH POKER