Saturday, July 24, 2010

Las Vegas Part 2

I know I have been back for a bit now, but life got in the way of me updating you all on my second trip to Vegas.

The highlight of this trip was being able to play in a tournament with pro Vanessa Rousso. She was sitting in the 10 seat and I was in the 2 seat. She was very friendly and always kept the conversation going at the table and I also learned a few things about poker as well from her.

She doubled me up with her A J against my A K, and then a couple of hours later I crippled her massive stack when she raised, I reraised, she pushed and I insta called with K's against her A Q. I didn't cash in this tournament, but I had a great time.

As for the rest of the trip, things didn't go to well at all, I always seemed to have a better hand pre flop just to lose by the turn or river.

What's up next for me, well a little break right now as I am recovering from my Vegas poker coma. August will bring me to play in a couple of Satellite Tournaments to next years World Series Of Poker hosted by The Orangeville Poker Tour and near the end of August I will be going to Port Perry to play in their Canadian Poker Tour sponsored Shootout Tournament.

Vegas is a blast and I can't wait until next year to go back.

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