Monday, June 7, 2010

Vegas Trip Part 1

I just got back from Las Vegas the other day from playing in Event #11 of The World Series Of Poker (WSOP). I won a satellite to play this event and only went for the weekend. My day started good in this tournament quickly chipping up to 7k in chips when I turned a straight, got bet into, where I then raised to have my opponent push all in. This is exactly what I was hoping to happen since I had the nut straight, so of coarse I call and find out that my opponent had turned 2 pair. I am ahead and had to avoid an Ace or a King on the river, which I couldn't do as an Ace fell on the river to give my opponent a Full House, and I was severly crippled, and busted out a few hands later.

Since I busted out fairly early, the next day I pretty much had to myself, and decided I would make the trip downtown and check out Binions 4th Annual Poker Classic Event #11 a $200 buy in. This tournament had a lot of ups and downs for me where it felt like a roller coaster ride. I made some great calls, but also made a few mistakes that I will learn from. In the end I took 1st place, the trophy and the winning prize money.

This trip proved to be a success as I came home from Vegas up money and will be going back to play Event #56 of The WSOP, which is a $2500 buy in. I will be there for just over a week and once I am done with The WSOP Event I plan on playing some Deepstack Events at The Venetian.