Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Little Poker Update

I hosted a poker tournament at my place that is part of The Orangeville Poker Tour. I didn't do to well busting out second around 9pm. Now I am thinking this is going to be a long night still 20 plus players left and not enough out to start a cash game. I decide to fire up my MacBook and Ultimate Bet to see what kind of tournaments are starting soon. As I scroll through the list, I see that there is a 10k Garanteed Tournament starting at 9:20pm for $25 + $2.50 and decide to play this.

What kind of degenerate poker player am I? I bust from one tournament and then start playing online right away lol. As time goes on I am up and down in chips and now a live cash game has started with 4 of us at my place, so now I am playing onlinbe and a live cash game at the same time.

The cash game breaks around midnight and I am still playing the online tournament and there is about 5 players left in the live tournament. I make the final table online and bust out in 9th place for $280 when I called a similar short stack pushed all in with KQ against my AQ, a K fell on the flop and I was out.

February looks to be a pretty busy month for live poker tournaments that I plan on playing, here is the list;

Wednesday February 10 - $550 at Great Blue Heron Casino
Saturday February 13 - $250 at Seneca Casino
Friday February 19 - Orangeville Poker Tour
Saturday February 20 - $330 at Seneca Casino
Sunday February 21 - $250 at Seneca Casino
Wednesday February 24 - $280 at Great Blue Heron Casino
Saturday February 27 (My Birthday) - 2010 WSOP Satellite in Bolton

So lots of poker coming up this month, and I hope to at least cash in more then one of them as well as get some more time in for some online poker, and oh ya I better make sure I make it to my full time job.

Bring on this poker full month, I can't wait.

If you want more info on The Orangeville Poker Tour, you can find it here.

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  1. I'm looking forward to regular updates during each Poker Tournament. Thanks for the information.