Saturday, February 27, 2010


I guess people have nothing better to do then to bitch about the way Team Canada's Olympic Women's Hockey Team celebrated their Gold Medal Victory.

What is wrong with you people? The girls were happy, the fans were gone, so they cracked open a couple of beers, some champagne, and lit up some cigars, to celebrate. Are you telling me that you have never seen a sports team do this before when they won something major?

Give me a break, and don't even bother going and saying but there is one girl with a beer in her hand and she is only 18 years old. Suck it up and shut up already and let the girls enjoy their well deserved victory over The USA.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Little Poker Update

I hosted a poker tournament at my place that is part of The Orangeville Poker Tour. I didn't do to well busting out second around 9pm. Now I am thinking this is going to be a long night still 20 plus players left and not enough out to start a cash game. I decide to fire up my MacBook and Ultimate Bet to see what kind of tournaments are starting soon. As I scroll through the list, I see that there is a 10k Garanteed Tournament starting at 9:20pm for $25 + $2.50 and decide to play this.

What kind of degenerate poker player am I? I bust from one tournament and then start playing online right away lol. As time goes on I am up and down in chips and now a live cash game has started with 4 of us at my place, so now I am playing onlinbe and a live cash game at the same time.

The cash game breaks around midnight and I am still playing the online tournament and there is about 5 players left in the live tournament. I make the final table online and bust out in 9th place for $280 when I called a similar short stack pushed all in with KQ against my AQ, a K fell on the flop and I was out.

February looks to be a pretty busy month for live poker tournaments that I plan on playing, here is the list;

Wednesday February 10 - $550 at Great Blue Heron Casino
Saturday February 13 - $250 at Seneca Casino
Friday February 19 - Orangeville Poker Tour
Saturday February 20 - $330 at Seneca Casino
Sunday February 21 - $250 at Seneca Casino
Wednesday February 24 - $280 at Great Blue Heron Casino
Saturday February 27 (My Birthday) - 2010 WSOP Satellite in Bolton

So lots of poker coming up this month, and I hope to at least cash in more then one of them as well as get some more time in for some online poker, and oh ya I better make sure I make it to my full time job.

Bring on this poker full month, I can't wait.

If you want more info on The Orangeville Poker Tour, you can find it here.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Rake Back At Multiple Online Poker Sites

I have a found a new online poker site that will give you a percentage of the rake you are charged back to you. What online sites do they have this for you ask? Well after I quickly scanned through the list, I will have to say almost every online poker site out there is available to get rake back.

Just click the link below to get started.

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Dion Phaneuf The Newest Leaf

So last Sunday The Toronto Maple Leafs held a big surprise news conference to announce a big trade. Big it was, The Leafs sent a bunch of players packing and in return got 3 players from The Calgary Flames, Dion Phaneuf being the main player.

I really do not know why Calgary gave up on Phaneuf. I know he is not having as great as a season as expected, and has been left of The Canadian Olympic team roster, but man he is only 24 years old and still has a lot to learn in the NHL and is only going to improve as time goes on.

Yes the leafs gave up Matt Stajan, Ian White, Niklas Hagman, Jamal Mayers, but in the long run I have to give this trade in favour of The Maple Leafs, since down the road everyone will still know who Dion Phaneuf is and those others players people will be saying who is that.