Saturday, January 23, 2010

Rush Poker On Full Tilt

This week Full Tilt Poker introduced online poker players to Rush Poker. What is Rush Poker? you ask?

Well plain and simply there is no more waiting for a seat to open up at a ring cash game. You are automatically seated at a table of 9, and if you do not like you dealt hand you simply click the "quick fold" button and you are moved to another table and dealt your new cards right away.

This concept speeds up the play and you will definitely get dealt a lot more hands in 1 hour then you normally would. Right now the highest no limit hold em you can play is .50 - 1.00 but as the popularity of this grows I am sure that will increase.

I have played Rush Poker just a handful of times so far, I really like the speed of it and a lot of pros seem to be enjoying it as well. If you want to check out Rush Poker, just click the banner below and sign up for an account at Full Tilt Poker.

Play Online Poker
Play Online Poker

1 comment:

  1. Rush Poker is the best "invention" in the poker world , just my opinion , i enjoy it very much