Sunday, October 4, 2009

NFL Sunday Bets

The NFL season is now in full swing, and I have decided that I cannot stay away from placing bets. I guess that is the gambler in me, and since I am to lazy to get my ass to the store to get a pro-line sheet and place my bets, I have signed up to Partybets.

Pertybets doesn't have a spread just a money line along with a whole bunch of special bets that include, 1st team to score, last team to score and so on, I prefer to just play the money line.

After going through the NFL games for today I have decided to bet $100 on 3 games today.

New York Giants over Kansas City Chiefs = 1.25
Idianapolis Colts over Seattle Seahawks = 1.16
San Francisco 49ers over Seattle Seahawks = 1.23
for a total odds of 1.78 x $100 = $178

If those games come through for me I will make a profit of $78 nothing big but hey it is a profit and plus now I have a reason to watch football today. Good Luck to me today.

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