Sunday, October 11, 2009

My Sunday NFL Picks

It is another Sunday that will be full of Turkey, Family, and some FOOTBALL. Last week in the NFL, I won my bets, now let's see what I can do this week.

CIN vs BAL - take BAL at 1.22
MIN vs STL - take MIN at 1.16
PIT vs DET - take PIT at 1.16
OAK vs NYG - take NYG at 1.08 (as last reported Manning is playing)
TB vs PHI - take PHI at 1.08

This gives a combined odds of 1.91 on Partybets and with a $100.00 bet your return will be $191.00. Let's see if I can go 2 for 2.

I just had a look at the ProLine sheet for the same picks, and for some reason the NYG game is NOT on the ProLine sheet, but if you play the other 4 games you are getting better odds at 1.20 for those 4 games, but keep in mind that on ProLine a win is when the team wins by 4 or more points in regulation time, and Partybets a win is when a team wins by 1 or more points in regulation time.

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