Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Mike McDonald Has Another Impressive Run On The EPT

Mike McDonald also known as Timex online from Waterloo Ontario Canada has another impressive cash on The European Poker Tour (EPT) sponsored by Pokerstars. Since he is not yet old enough to play in the United States he has mainly concentrated on the EPT where the legal age to gamble is 18.

Mike has finished 14th EPT Prague Season 4, 1st EPT German Open Season 4, 5th EPT Prague Season 5, and now 11th EPT Barcelona Season 5. This kid is just tearing up the European Poker Tour, just wait until he can play in the States and the World Series Of Poker.

Here is his bust out hand from EPT Barcelona,

Mike McDonald Eliminated In 11th Place (€40,000)
Mike McDonald pushed preflop with Kd Qs and the uberstacked Carter Phillips made the call from the small blind with 6d 6c.
The board was 4c Ad 3s 5c 7c and Phillips goes from strength to strength ending McDonald's day with a straight.

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