Sunday, September 27, 2009

Atlantic City

So I decided that I would drive to Atlantic City to play in the last two tournaments of The Borgata Poker Open, where the Main Event was a World Poker Tour Event.
I start my drive and when I get to the Philadelphia area I blow out a tire, and have to pull over and put the spare on. It sucks that this happened but hey what can you do, hopefully the rest of the trip goes well. I finally arrive in Atlantic City and call Pep Boys Auto that seem to be the closest tire shop, and make an appointment to get a new tire put on for the next morning before my 1st tournament.

I didn't fair to well in my 1st tournament as I took a bad beat with all my chips in, when I had A A vs 2 2. Oh well that's poker and I have another tournament the next day. I decided I wouls play some table games mainy Texas Holed Bonus where it is just you against the dealer. I did well and left the table up $400.

My 2nd tournament went pretty well and with the structure at the Borgata being so good I knew doing well in this would mean a very very late night, and I was right as I cashed for $665 in 19th place at about 3am. I played solid poker most of the day with very few mistakes, and had a player pay me off with his pocket 2's versus my pocket kings, another player pushes his stack all in with A 5 versus my A K.

The Borgata runs a good tournament with one of the best structures around and if I could I would always go back there to play when they run these.

I got about 2 to 3 hours sleep before I decided to head home for my 9 plus hour drive.

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