Wednesday, September 2, 2009

2010 World Series Of Poker, Some Changes Announced

No. 1: More $1,000 Events. In 2008, the Stimulus Special debuted. The $1,000 no-limit hold’em event was a rousing success, easily selling out its two starting days for a field of more than 6,000 players. WSOP tournament organizers took notice and are planning on adding several — in the neighborhood of six, according to Palansky — to the 2010 schedule.

No. 2: A Bigger ‘Physical Footprint.’ This year, the WSOP sold out 10.25 events — the 0.25, of course, a painful reminder to day 1D sellout at the main event. Palansky stressed that it isn’t the WSOP’s intent to sell out events, and it is looking for more space — potentially the room in which Poker Palooza was held this year — to alleviate that problem.

No. 3: A Solution to the Day 1D Problem. Knowing that poker players sometimes like to procrastinate and enter tournaments at the last possible moment, the WSOP is considering once again assigning starting days to players. However, that notion is far from finalized. Palanksy emphasized that the WSOP would like to keep that control in the players’ hands, if possible.

No. 4: An Earlier-Released Schedule. In 2008, the WSOP schedule wasn’t announced until late January. While Palansky hesitated on giving a firm date, he said that players could expect to see the new schedule “in the fall, for sure.”

Things that players shouldn’t expect to change are the triple starting stacks and the absence of rebuys in the 2010 schedule. Palansky said that both the starting stacks and the WSOP’s replacement of the rebuys, the triple-chance event, were both well received.

All in all, players shouldn’t expect too many different events in 2010.

“We feel like we can get the schedule out sooner, because there’s less of an overhaul to do,” said Seth Palansky. “We can pretty much run with what we did last year, perhaps taking out some events that didn’t have such a good attendance and adjusting the buy-ins on some others.”

To read more about the removal of the 40k Event go to CardPlayer where the full story is posted.

While there really isn't that much of a change from the 2009 to the 2010 World Series Of Poker, the releasing of the 2010 schedule earlier then usually is a good thing, as it allows for the average poker player to plan ahead and book the time off work well in advance.

The Orangeville Poker Tour (OPT) will be holding Satellite Poker Tournaments monthly to a $1500 buy in at The 2010 World Series of Poker startign this month. Go to to sign up and reserve your seat.

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