Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Playing Poker Against WPT Champ Glen Witmer at Great Blue Heron Charity Casino

So last month there was an $1100 buy in No Limit Poker Tournament at The Great Blue Heron Charity Casino (GBH). It started at 10am and I arrived at about 9am so decided I would grab a power nap in my car then shoot back a 5 hour power drink before I headed inside to get my table and seat assignment. As I wake from my nap and start to shoot back the power drink I see World Poker Tour Champion Glen Witmer heading into the casino.

The tournament starts and Glen is not at my table but I do spot him a few tables over. After a few hours of play my table breaks and sure enough I get moved to Glen's table, and he sporting his WPT bracelet. I start small chit chat with him and congratulate him on winning The North American Poker Championship held at Fallsview Casino and Resort in Niagara Falls Canada last year. other players at the table seemed a little shocked, and on with some stories from Glen about the event and the win.

I decided I did not want to play big pots against him, and was only going to play strong hands. So Glen is in middle position and makes a standard 3x the big blind raise, I am 3 seats to his left and look down at A J offsuit, not the greatest hand but I decide to call, and it is only the two of us to the flop. Flop comes 5 Q 10 rainbow, Glen bets about half the pot, and I think he is just continuation betting, plus I have a good chip stack and need a king for a straigth so I call. The turn is a 8 and Glen checks, and I check behind, thinking I will take a free card. The river is a J and Glen fires out a bet of just over half the pot, I go into the think tank for a little bit here, I do not put him on A Q as he would have bet the turn, so I ask him "Glen do you have A K?" he just sits there staring at the board with his sunglasses on, I call his bet and he shows A 5 for bottom pair, and my A J takes down a good size pot.

In closing playing with a WPT Champ was fun and Glen is a real down to earth guy and I look forward to seeing him at future poker tournaments.

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