Friday, August 28, 2009

OLG Brantford Casino

Living in Ontario sucks for good structured poker tournaments compared to British Columbia and Alberta.

Yesterday the OLG Brantford Casino held a $400 buy in tournament with 5000 starting chips and 20 minute blind levels, which is close to one of the best structures in Ontario but still not the greatest that could be run. The monthly tournaments that are held in Port Perry at The Great Blue Heron Charity Casino are much better structured.

Anyways I played in the Brantford tournament yesterday and this tournament gives you a fair amount of play at the beginning stages but when you get close to the end, it turns into a "bingo", meaning that you really can no longer play poker but everyone that is left basically has to push all in and hope for the best.

About in the middle stages of this poker tournament I built a good stack then I lost to races when pocket 6's lost to A K, and my A K suited lost to pocket 6's, oh the irony, which brought me down to average stack in chips. I then grinded it out and made the final table with about 25k in chips.

Now having 25k in chips may sound good but not really when the blinds are 3000 / 6000. You would also think that I am the short stack but in fact out of the 9 of us that are left I am probably sitting in 6th or so, this is what I mean by bingo, most players at the table can not make a proper raise without it costing them 1/2 to 3/4 of their stack, so they may as well just push all in.

We are down to 7 players left with the top 5 making the money, and I am in the small blind. Action is folded around to me and I look down at pocket 6's, and decide to complete and the big blind checks, flop comes 2 5 6 rainbow, and I push all in with a set of 6's, and the big blind calls with pocket 7's, turn is a Q, and the river is bang a 7 giving my opponent a better set, and I am now left with 1500 in chips and of coarse bust out in 7th spot once the big blind got back around to me.

I had a great time playing and never made any big mistakes, I just got unlucky when the game turned from poker to bingo in the late stages.

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