Monday, August 31, 2009

My Latest Poker Tournament

Yesterday I made my way to my latest poker tournament a $100 buy in, a little smaller buy in then I usually been playing, but this one had 91 players, with the top 10 getting paid and first place paying about $2300. I also decided to deal for my table which actually made my buy in $50 as dealers get to buy in for half price.

I played pretty solid poker with making some solid reads and great bluffs through out the day. I ended finishing 4th for $860, when we were 4 handed with blinds at 3000/6000 and a 400 ante, I pushed for 65000 UTG with A 8 of spades and get called from the big blind who had K 3 of clubs, of coarse a K on the turn and I am left with 9500 going into the big blind. I am dealt K Q off suit and get put all in by the small blind who had A 9 off suit and I do not improve to end my day in 4th.

It feels good to get a decent cash finally in a tournament since I have been running deep lately but have finished just out of the money in my latest big tournaments.

Next poker tournament for me is in The Orangeville Poker Tour (OPT) on September 11, 2009 which is a $60 buy in and the start of The OPT's 4th season.

If you are interested in playing some fun poker tournaments with a great bunch of people sign up through the above link and join us.


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