Saturday, August 29, 2009

Bell Mobility Hardware Upgrade Loyalty Credit Is A Scam

So my contract is up with Bell Mobility in October of this year, and I phoned and asked them what my upgrade credit was, and they told me $200.00.

Great, no problem I think, well that was about 2 or 3 months ago, and I asked so I can just go into one of your stores and purchase a phone and get $200.00 off, and the response was yes sir.

Well now I call them yesterday about my upgrade credit and was immediately told that to receive my credit I would have to sign a 3 year contract. WHAT? Yes sir you will have to sign a contract with us.

So I get off the phone and started to think about this, and decided to send off the following email.

"Can I just go purchase a brand new phone that
costs $600 and get $200 off without signing a new contract"

The response to this question was.

"Upon full review of your email, I regret to inform you that the Hardware
Upgrade Loyalty Credit cannot be applied to the cost of a new phone in
lieu of a contract renewal."

Ok fine since I was already told that on the phone I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask again, so I then sent off another email.

"So how do I get my $200 hardware credit, if I have to sign a contract,you already give deals for 3 year contracts.
For example Palm Pre for 3 years is $199.99, can I apply my credit to this so I can get the Pre for $0.00?"

and the response was.

"Upon full review of your email, I wish to clarify that the retail
suggested price of Palm Pre is $599.95 (no contract). You are eligible
to benefit from a hardware upgrade loyalty credit of up to $200 based on
a 36 month contract term renewal. If you renewed on a 36 month
contract, the phone would be $599.95 - $200 = $399.95. There is an
additional promotion of $200 with a minimum monthly voice and data plan
of $45 or higher with subscribing to a minimum 500MB data plan feature
for a minimum of 12 months. If you remove this feature prior to the 12
months, a data service fee will apply of $200. So with with additional
promotion $399.95 - $200 = $199.95 + applicable taxes."

Now if I was a new customer to Bell Mobility I would get the exact same deal for the Palm Pre, so where is this $200 Hardware Upgrade Loyalty Credit if being a new customer gets the same deal as an existing customer?

Is Rogers the same way with their upgrade credits?


  1. You are right, Bell Loyalty Program is a SCAM....

    I had the same situation trying to switch form my HTC to an IPhone in a Bell Store. I called customer service and they told me "we are doing the same Rogers and Telus are doing...."

    The resulting price applying the loyalty discount is the same price a new customer will get form the store. entrants will offer something different.... Bell, Rogers and Telus will have a very difficult time trying to keep their customer install base.

  2. Total scam...same thing just happened to me tonight! What did you DO about it??

  3. Wow I can't believe you posted that. Of course you have to re sign. Wow

  4. I sometimes wonder if phishing and other scams will ever die out? It is hard to see people lose money in this way. As was mentioned above, it is not that the information isn’t out there.

    Maybe people forget or maybe when they are being tricked it happens at a time when they are vulnerable and just aren't being sensitive to the fact that something in the situation just doesn't seem right.

    Perhaps banks should spend a little more time on training each customer?

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