Monday, August 31, 2009

My Latest Poker Tournament

Yesterday I made my way to my latest poker tournament a $100 buy in, a little smaller buy in then I usually been playing, but this one had 91 players, with the top 10 getting paid and first place paying about $2300. I also decided to deal for my table which actually made my buy in $50 as dealers get to buy in for half price.

I played pretty solid poker with making some solid reads and great bluffs through out the day. I ended finishing 4th for $860, when we were 4 handed with blinds at 3000/6000 and a 400 ante, I pushed for 65000 UTG with A 8 of spades and get called from the big blind who had K 3 of clubs, of coarse a K on the turn and I am left with 9500 going into the big blind. I am dealt K Q off suit and get put all in by the small blind who had A 9 off suit and I do not improve to end my day in 4th.

It feels good to get a decent cash finally in a tournament since I have been running deep lately but have finished just out of the money in my latest big tournaments.

Next poker tournament for me is in The Orangeville Poker Tour (OPT) on September 11, 2009 which is a $60 buy in and the start of The OPT's 4th season.

If you are interested in playing some fun poker tournaments with a great bunch of people sign up through the above link and join us.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Bell Mobility Hardware Upgrade Loyalty Credit Is A Scam

So my contract is up with Bell Mobility in October of this year, and I phoned and asked them what my upgrade credit was, and they told me $200.00.

Great, no problem I think, well that was about 2 or 3 months ago, and I asked so I can just go into one of your stores and purchase a phone and get $200.00 off, and the response was yes sir.

Well now I call them yesterday about my upgrade credit and was immediately told that to receive my credit I would have to sign a 3 year contract. WHAT? Yes sir you will have to sign a contract with us.

So I get off the phone and started to think about this, and decided to send off the following email.

"Can I just go purchase a brand new phone that
costs $600 and get $200 off without signing a new contract"

The response to this question was.

"Upon full review of your email, I regret to inform you that the Hardware
Upgrade Loyalty Credit cannot be applied to the cost of a new phone in
lieu of a contract renewal."

Ok fine since I was already told that on the phone I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask again, so I then sent off another email.

"So how do I get my $200 hardware credit, if I have to sign a contract,you already give deals for 3 year contracts.
For example Palm Pre for 3 years is $199.99, can I apply my credit to this so I can get the Pre for $0.00?"

and the response was.

"Upon full review of your email, I wish to clarify that the retail
suggested price of Palm Pre is $599.95 (no contract). You are eligible
to benefit from a hardware upgrade loyalty credit of up to $200 based on
a 36 month contract term renewal. If you renewed on a 36 month
contract, the phone would be $599.95 - $200 = $399.95. There is an
additional promotion of $200 with a minimum monthly voice and data plan
of $45 or higher with subscribing to a minimum 500MB data plan feature
for a minimum of 12 months. If you remove this feature prior to the 12
months, a data service fee will apply of $200. So with with additional
promotion $399.95 - $200 = $199.95 + applicable taxes."

Now if I was a new customer to Bell Mobility I would get the exact same deal for the Palm Pre, so where is this $200 Hardware Upgrade Loyalty Credit if being a new customer gets the same deal as an existing customer?

Is Rogers the same way with their upgrade credits?

Friday, August 28, 2009

Legalize Poker Rooms Petition

Is is time for Poker Players to unite in Ontario. This petition has just been started and will be sent to Dalton McGuinty. Also remember that Bingo Halls used to illegal in Ontario at one time as well. If that can change why can't it change with Poker Rooms. Click the link below to sign the petition.
Legalize Poker Rooms Petition

Play Online Poker
Play Online Poker

Jason Allison Coming Back To The Leafs

The Globe and Mail is reporting that the Toronto Maple Leafs have granted a tryout to one-time Leaf Jason Allison.

The report says that the 34-year old, who has not played in the NHL since the 2005-06 season, will attend the Leafs' camp next month without a contract. The Globe says that Allison approached the team about the idea of a comeback over the summer and Toronto agreed to have a look at him.

Here is what some people are saying:

"This guy was not a bad player and if the Leafs can get a couple good years out of him for little money this is a no brainer. He may not be a top line guy but second or 3rd." chrimact

"He's kind of slow, but he controls the play well and the Leafs need all the help they can get up front." ventsation

"is Burke taking GM advice from JFJ?" boosterleafs

Sure this guy is slow and very injury plagued, but hey they have not signed him and is he is only there to try out and see if he can make the team. He hasn't played in 2 years so hopefully he is past all those injuries, and when healthy and playing he is a point a game player or at least close to it. What was Sundin his last few years in Toronto? He was a point a game player if that.

OLG Brantford Casino

Living in Ontario sucks for good structured poker tournaments compared to British Columbia and Alberta.

Yesterday the OLG Brantford Casino held a $400 buy in tournament with 5000 starting chips and 20 minute blind levels, which is close to one of the best structures in Ontario but still not the greatest that could be run. The monthly tournaments that are held in Port Perry at The Great Blue Heron Charity Casino are much better structured.

Anyways I played in the Brantford tournament yesterday and this tournament gives you a fair amount of play at the beginning stages but when you get close to the end, it turns into a "bingo", meaning that you really can no longer play poker but everyone that is left basically has to push all in and hope for the best.

About in the middle stages of this poker tournament I built a good stack then I lost to races when pocket 6's lost to A K, and my A K suited lost to pocket 6's, oh the irony, which brought me down to average stack in chips. I then grinded it out and made the final table with about 25k in chips.

Now having 25k in chips may sound good but not really when the blinds are 3000 / 6000. You would also think that I am the short stack but in fact out of the 9 of us that are left I am probably sitting in 6th or so, this is what I mean by bingo, most players at the table can not make a proper raise without it costing them 1/2 to 3/4 of their stack, so they may as well just push all in.

We are down to 7 players left with the top 5 making the money, and I am in the small blind. Action is folded around to me and I look down at pocket 6's, and decide to complete and the big blind checks, flop comes 2 5 6 rainbow, and I push all in with a set of 6's, and the big blind calls with pocket 7's, turn is a Q, and the river is bang a 7 giving my opponent a better set, and I am now left with 1500 in chips and of coarse bust out in 7th spot once the big blind got back around to me.

I had a great time playing and never made any big mistakes, I just got unlucky when the game turned from poker to bingo in the late stages.

Cake Poker

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Playing Poker Against WPT Champ Glen Witmer at Great Blue Heron Charity Casino

So last month there was an $1100 buy in No Limit Poker Tournament at The Great Blue Heron Charity Casino (GBH). It started at 10am and I arrived at about 9am so decided I would grab a power nap in my car then shoot back a 5 hour power drink before I headed inside to get my table and seat assignment. As I wake from my nap and start to shoot back the power drink I see World Poker Tour Champion Glen Witmer heading into the casino.

The tournament starts and Glen is not at my table but I do spot him a few tables over. After a few hours of play my table breaks and sure enough I get moved to Glen's table, and he sporting his WPT bracelet. I start small chit chat with him and congratulate him on winning The North American Poker Championship held at Fallsview Casino and Resort in Niagara Falls Canada last year. other players at the table seemed a little shocked, and on with some stories from Glen about the event and the win.

I decided I did not want to play big pots against him, and was only going to play strong hands. So Glen is in middle position and makes a standard 3x the big blind raise, I am 3 seats to his left and look down at A J offsuit, not the greatest hand but I decide to call, and it is only the two of us to the flop. Flop comes 5 Q 10 rainbow, Glen bets about half the pot, and I think he is just continuation betting, plus I have a good chip stack and need a king for a straigth so I call. The turn is a 8 and Glen checks, and I check behind, thinking I will take a free card. The river is a J and Glen fires out a bet of just over half the pot, I go into the think tank for a little bit here, I do not put him on A Q as he would have bet the turn, so I ask him "Glen do you have A K?" he just sits there staring at the board with his sunglasses on, I call his bet and he shows A 5 for bottom pair, and my A J takes down a good size pot.

In closing playing with a WPT Champ was fun and Glen is a real down to earth guy and I look forward to seeing him at future poker tournaments.

Chuck Norris Was Here

A friend posted this and I thought it was hilarious

WPT Legends Of Poker Final Table

Last night at The Bicycle Casino in Los Angeles California, The World Poker Tour played down to the final TV Table of 6 players, that will be taped later today.

The biggest surprise and chip leader is Kevin Schaffel a virtually unknown, until this past summers WSOP, where he battled over 6000 players in the Main Event, to become one of the elite November 9, and garanteed at least $1.5 million. Going into this final table as the chip leader he now has a chance to take down 1st place worth $1 million.

I always like it when someone that is not known main stream in the poker world has an amazing showing at the Main Event in The WSOP and then follows that up with a WPT TV final table. It takes me back to last years WSOP, when Ivan Demidov made the November 9 and then went and made the final table of the Main Event in The WSOP Europe.

This just shows when you are on a heater it pays off.

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Texting While Driving - Time To Smarten Up Kids

Now everyone should watch this and even though you say or think this will never happen to you, think again! And it is not just you that is going to be affected look at all the others that can and will be affected

Partygaming Aquires WPT Assets For $12.3 million

I knew The WPT was having some problems, but with this sale to Partygaming, I think we will be in for some new and exciting things coming from The WPT and Partygaming.

First it might bring back Party Poker to be in the top 3 for online poker sites with Pokerstars and Fulltilt Poker.

Once this deal get finalized, I am sure Partygaming will offer online satellites to most of the major WPT Poker Tournaments.

Only time wil tell if this a good or bad think for the poker world, in my opinion I am thinking a very good plus for poker in the world and especially in the states.

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Live Poker Declining

The last two major World Poker Tour Events (WPT) have declined in players by 25% to 38%. Is this because of the $10,000 buy in being to much considering the economy? Is it because there is to many competing poker tournaments around now, like the European Poker Tour (EPT), and the Asia Pacific Poker Tour (APPT)? Or is it because The WPT always wants to gove out at least $1 million to 1st place with 2nd place only getting about $400,000 are players just staying away because the payouts are not flat enough?

Well I think all of the above have somewhat of a factor to the decrease in players for the WPT. Players from overseas have more to choose from now and thus do not have to travel as far to play in a Major Poker Tournament. If the WPT also changed their main event buy in to $5,000 instead of $10,000 I think they will generate about 200 more players thus still making the final table with excellent pay outs that people will still watch.

So I think the WPT needs to change to bring their numbers back up, and thus when the poker boom happens again they can change again.