Monday, March 18, 2013

Travelling With Your Cell Phone

Roaming fees suck and purchasing US Plans from Canadian Providers is expensive.

I suggest you check out Roam Mobility, I have used this service before and it works great.

Most Canadian Providers will now unlock your current phone as long as you are at least 90 days or more into your current plan.

So check out Roam Mobility and get your phone unlocked and stop paying an absurd amount of money to your provider just to travel to the states with you phone.

Plans with Roam Mobility include unlimited voice to anywhere in the United States and Canada and unlimited text messaging and data for as low as 2 cents per mb.

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It is really simple to do. Just purchase their SIM card and put it in your unlocked phone. You can also purchase their plans and have the plan start on any date you want.

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

World Poker Tour Returns To Canada

How do you top the record setting largest tournament field for a $1,000+ entry here in Canada? You come back with not one, but two more opportunities in 2013 for players to compete in a World Poker Tour event at Playground Poker Club, located just 20 minutes from downtown Montreal.

Last November, nearly 1,200 players ponied up $3000+$300 to participate in WPT Montreal, creating a massive prize-pool of roughly $3.4 million dollars and a top prize worth more than $775,000; the largest 1st place poker The star studded field included All Time Money tournament leaders Antonio Esfandiari and Daniel Negreanu, past WPT Champions David Williams and Gavin Smith, top female players Xuan Liu and Isabelle Mercier, young guns Mike “Timex” McDonald and Mike “SirWatts” Watson as well as 2012 Global Poker Index POY leaders Dan Smith and Marvin Rettenmaier...So how do you make the third largest field in World Poker Tour history shine even brighter?

You give the players what they want and bring in the cameras in for a full WPT Montreal Main Event from November 29th to December 5th, you bump the stakes just enough to a $3,500 + $350 and you look to make room for even more players to participate. Throw in the very real possibility of adding a “High Roller” side event for poker’s elite and you just should have the right recipe to see Canadian poker history made once again.

Players won’t have to wait until fall to take their shot at a Canadian WPT title however, now that would just be cruel! Instead, they will want to start making plans and qualifying for the WPT Montreal Canadian Spring Championship from May 3rd to 9th at Playground Poker Club. The $3,000 + $300 Main Event will feature a live stream of the same caliber that covered Jonathan Roy’s victory in 2012 and both this and the November event will be Main WPT tour stops, awarding Player Of the Year points and the signature Championship Belt along with their name engraved on the coveted WPT Trophy.

While the the side schedules of events are yet to be announced, organizers are working hard at putting together a line up of varying buy-ins and disciplines sure to be well received by players.

Qualifiers and promotions will once again be offered by for both events.

In 2012, hundreds of players gained entry to WPT Montreal via satellites, with online qualifiers far exceeding expectations an guarantees. Perhaps the only complaint heard by players last year was that they didn’t start playing those available sooner.

Stay tuned for more details on qualifiers and full schedules to come!

The Full Schedule is now listed here including all side events and a new High Roller Event this year. 

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Some Poker Updates

$100k In 7 Days

Daniel Negreanu is raising money for St Judes Childrens Hospital and he is matching all donations up to $50k and you have a chance to receive Poker Lessons from him, and also party it up at his house in Vegas.  You can visit Daniel's donation page here.  Ways To Help St. Jude

Xuan Liu On The Cover

Xuan has be named as One To Watch this year by The World Poker Tour, and is on the cover of the current WPT Canada Magazine.  Way To Go Xuan, and well deserved.
UPDATE:  I just got a little glimps of Xuan's interview, and there is a little mention of yours truly in there.  Thanks Xuan I feel honoured that you would mention me.

@crazykoby vs @Wetts1012

Back in May of last year, 2 good friends of mine, and poker buddies, decided that a year long prop bet would be fun to do.  So they came up with, who could make the most money in poker tournament cashes from May 2012 to May 2013.  The loser would have to wear drag at Orangeville Poker Tour's Main Event of Season 7.  It is pretty close right now with just over 3 months to go.  Greg (@crazykoby) is up almost $1.5k on Darryl (@Wetts1012)  They are both in Vegas right now playing The WSOP Circuit at Caesars Palace, this could get very interesting.  Details on this prop bet can be found at Poker Forum Canada.
UPDATE:  Greg cashed for $750 finishing 26th in the $365 Buy In, Event 5 at WSOPC Caesars Palace Vegas, to put more distance between himself and Darryl.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

WHAT? I Am 73rd In All Of Canada

The Global Poker Index is a ranking system of live poker players worldwide, based on their performance by finishing in the money in qualifying tournaments occurring over the previous 36 month period.  The index is updated weekly.

This past week Mike "Timex" McDonald a very well known professional poker player tweeted that he was once again back in the Top 10 and Number 1 in Canada.  I didn't know The Global poker Index started to keep track players in each country, so I decide I would scroll through the Top 100 in Canada to see how many of the players I knew and/or have played with in various tournaments.

To my surprise as I was scrolling through the list I saw my name at 73rd.  I actually couldn't believe it, they were listing me as the 73rd best poker player in all of Canada.  I am very happy that I made the Top 100 in Canada and it basically has to do with my great run this past WSOP.

It sure does make those long grinding days playing poker, well worth it.  Here is to making more deep runs and playing in more qualifying tournaments to maintain my name in the Top 100 in Canada.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

The 2012 World Series Of Poker, Myself Cashing 3 Out Of 4 Events Played, and OPT


What a series this was for myself and The Orangeville Poker Tour.  This past year I ran a bunch of satellite poker tournament to The World Series of Poker for The Orangeville Poker Tour.  This resulted in The OPT sending 10 players to play in The WSOP and another 5 members went for the trip.

Out of all the members that made the trip 6 members cashed in various tournaments, including 6 total WSOP cashes, a Venetian Deepstack Extravaganza win, and a Caesars Mega Stack win, with myself cashing 3 out of 3 WSOP Events I played before going back for The WSOP Main Event, where I busted with 30 minutes left in Day 1, when my flopped nut flush was all in against two pair just to have the board pair on the turn to send me to the rail.

So where should I start about my latest trip to Las Vegas for The WSOP?  I decided to leave a day early so I could get there in time for the $3k Shootout Event, which I knew would be a pretty tough field, but for some reason when I looked at the schedule it was calling my name to play, and I also thought it would be a great learning experience for me as I am sure that I would be playing with a few pros in this event.  The event drew 587 players.  In a shootout type format you have to win your tables to advance onto the next day and guaranteeing yourself a payday of just over $9k. 

Professional Poker Player Greg Mueller was at my table and a couple of european pros that I really do not know and another Pro Brandon Cantu who joined the table late.  I was on my "A" game and was making good reads and hitting cards when I needed them just to have some of these players shove their whole stack in when I am holding the nuts.  One hand I really do remember is when Cantu raised and I looked down at K K, I reraised, and Mueller then decided to reraise as well, and now the action was back on Cantu.  He sat there thinking for awhile, which made me think he either had 8 8, 9 9, 10 10, A J, or A Q.  He ended up folding and the action was back on me, and since I had Mueller covered and a fairly good size pot already in the middle, i decided to say "All In', meaning that Mueller would have to put his tournament life on the line to make the call.  After he thought about it and saying to me "All I can hope for is that you have Queens" he made the call with A K, and my hand held up and I sent a pro to the rail.  Once I made it to heads up play, I was dealt A K and I was up against J J all in pre flop and I spiked a K to cripple my opponent, and it was only a matter of before I would win and advance to day 2 guaranteeing myself a $9k payday.

Day 2 brought on an even tougher table with basically everyone except myself and one other player having over $1 million in tournament cashes, the bigger names were Antonio "The Magician" Esfandiari who won $18 million in the one drop tournament, and Jason Koon.  I witnessed Antonio and other player raising and reraising each other on every street just to see the other player All In on the river with A 8 suited for Ace high and Antonio showing K 10 off for a flopped pair of Kings.  I was the second player eliminated at this table when my 9 9 ran into Koon's K K, and I was sent to the rail $9k richer and some great experience gained.

Next up for me was Event 41 a $3,000 buy in No Limit Hold'em Event.  Really no big hands for me in Day 1 that I can remember, just slowly grinded the day away and steadily grew my stack to 112k in chips, that to my surprise I was sitting 7th overall going into Day 2.

Day 2 started very quickly for me, as I eliminated a 2011 WSOP Bracelet winner when I raised with 10 10 and he decide to push All In with A 7 and my 10's were good all the way to the river, and he was gone.  Then just before my table was to break, action was folded to me with 9 10 suited on the button, which I raised and the SB called.  The flop came 9 A 9, which I thought I was in good shape and when the SB shoved for the rest of his stack and I called he showed K 9 for the same three of kind but with a better kicker as I took a little bit of a hit there.  I was only at my table for a few hands when I reraised with Q Q to have two callers and the initial raiser push all in, which I called and was up against K K and now I found my chip stack a lot smaller then when I started the day.  I managed to hang on and make the money finishing 121st place out of 1,394 players for a $5,900 pay day.

Wow, I have now played 2 WSOP Events this series and have cashed twice, needless to say I was pretty happy with myself and the way I have been playing.  Next was Event 46 that drew 1,607 players.

This was a very exciting tournament for me, that gained me a lot of extra experience.  At my table was former November Niner Dennis Philips, Pokerstars Pro Liv Boeree, another former November Niner Joseph Cheung, 888 Pro Tyler Bonkowski, and Annie Duke.  I had a very big hand that gave me a pretty good stack.  It is folded to me when I have A A, which I raised, and got calls from Liv, and another player, and then Cheung reraised in the SB, and the BB pushed all in, now action was on me, with two smooth calls after my initial raise and Cheung reraising, I didn't want to just call the all in as I didn't want to go up against that many players, and with the players in the hand so far I had them all covered except one.  I decided to go all in as well, and the other two players folded which I wanted and Cheong called showing K K, the other player showed A K, and my A A held up eliminating 2 players on this one hand.  I ended up making Day 2 with 79k in chips to be sitting in 38th spot.

The first hand of Day 2 was not to good for me at all.  I look down at 6 6 under the gun and raise it up, if folds around to the SB who makes the call and BB who also makes the call, the flop comes Kh 6d 2s, SB checks, BB bets, and I call, and SB folds, turn is a 7h, BB bets, and I raise him up 3 times his bet, and he shoves all in which I call with my set of 6's, and he tables Kh Jh for top pair and flush draw, the river comes another heart and I lose almost have my stack on the very first hand.  The rest of the day was up and down, but I once again made the money busting out in 152nd for a cash of $4,800.

So 3 for 3 for just under $20,000, not to bad at all, and my trip was coming to an end, but I was feeling good, and I came home with a smile on my face, and ultimately decide to go back and play one of the biggest poker tournaments in the world, The $10k buy in WSOP Main Event.

The Main Event attracted 6,598 players with a top prize payout of $8.5 million.  I was pumped and ready for Day 1, but it did not go according to plan, as I found it one of my toughest days playing poker, my big hands were not getting paid off, and my bluffs were not working, and I was also pretty card dead most of the time, so I was trying to pick spots to get some chips.  I saw my chip stack grow from the 30k starting up to 45k, just to see it crumble down below starting going into the last level of Day 1.  There was about 30 minutes left in the day when I flopped the nut flush and had an opponent push all in against me which I obviously called, and he showed top two pair, and the board paired on the turn to give him a full house and I was out of the tournament.

Overall it was a great experience, and lots of fun having so many OPT Players there.

The Orangeville Poker Tour has already scheduled 5 WSOP Satellites for next year, so if you are interested in playing in any of these to win your way to Vegas, then just visit The OPT's website here.

Also please excuse any grammar and spelling mistakes, I wrote this quickly pretty late when I should have been in bed.